Hello Brave New World :)

While the welcome video’s exporting I might as well write some text to introduce this blog! Basically, this is my little hub for open sourcing my life – the experiences I have, ideas, insights, methods and all that I find essential to doing my work as a Global Public Servant. Over the course of my young life I slowly ended up dedicating all of my being to bettering the world.  To some, it is an accomplishment and admirable – I thank them for their compliments – but there are millions of people out in the world doing exactly the same.

For example, this blog is appropriately starting at the dawn of the first day of independence for the people of Libya!  I don’t know much about the statistics of the Arab Spring, but there must be tens of millions of people… doing exactly what I am in just that region of the world.  God knows we need it.

I hope this page can be a resource for me and others who are so dedicated!  That being the case, I will write/vlog on the most basic essentials of living as healthfully and productively as possible.  There’ll be postings on nutrition, exercise, community, task management ANNND, most importantly, ideas.  I know there’s a Wiki plug in for WordPress and will use that and invite the world to edit/link up what I cover.  This will hopefully be a living archive of cool stuff that people find valuable, interesting, and worth contributing to.

It’s an experiment right now.  I welcome you to enjoy!  I welcome you to participate 🙂

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