What is a Global Public Servant

So here’s a brief video description of Global Public Service, a full video and a written description to compliment the whole package 🙂

I promise to be responsive to contributions (ie comments, messages etc)!

Short Video – for the modern blogger with atrophied executive function centers… like me

Full Video – for those with 10 min long attentions spans… freaks/xmen

Written Description – For those of you who still know how to read… darned nerds.  Everyone knows that speech to text is where its at – what up Kurzwiel 😛

So the basic ingredients are! –

1. Open Engagement with Public Commons – open sourcing one’s work as much as possible while working in public commons (anything that affects or is shared by other people.. like Wikipedia or starting a game).  Here’s an animated video explaining what a commons is.  If one’s engagement is not open then there’s no effective feedback and refinement.  If it is not in the commons then it is not public.

2. Balance of Efficient Focus and Passionate Interest – do something you love and do it well.  These go hand in hand.  Loving what you do will generally leads to effective work (sweet).  But Global Public Servants must also consider the impact of their work, and maximize the benefit (so teaching people to fish instead of giving them fish, ya dig?)

3. Balance of Responsiveness and Independence – implement feedback and represent your constituency, but keep your lively spark and opinion.  This is the most important and interesting part of Global Public Service… one does not need to shut down their very humanity in the pursuit of becoming a perfect Gallup Poll fulfiller.  In fact, one should embrace their individuality, and challenge the world to be grown up about it’s demands.  Eccentricities, personality, and creativity should be valued and encouraged.

So that’s just about it!

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