A growing movement

Just got back from the Ron Paul event at Webster Hall.  Everyone was in support, hundreds of libertarians!  As Ron Paul put it,  “America needs a new Revolution!”  And it’s happening.  Michael More just dropped in too – we’re hooking him up with some Lenux. Oh yeah.. and last night I got to chill with Immortal Technique. I gave him a copy of the Global Village Construction Set – ballller

I’m right now in the main tech-hub of Occupy Wall Street we’re plugging away, listening to dub step, pumping on all hacked WiFi cylinders.  Revolutionaries in Chicago are attempting to set up camp in front of their Fed building.  But police are cracking down hard core… without any word as to why or even acknowledging the fact that they are

After a conversation with Chicago’s 1st precinct all I could get from the officer on call was “the protesters ‘disappeared'”… When I said why, or how they just said that there are no protesters around any more.  Perhaps tomorrow there’ll be a clearer picture on the ground beyond the Tweets of the protestors.  But I’m fairly sure they did not just “disappear”… Unless the rapture is selective that way

Now back to the trenches.  Small occupations are popping up all over the country!  No doubt, this global movement will be boosted into a whole new stratosphere by what is the greatest generation in American history.  There’s no stopping us, and it starts and finishes right here on Wall Street.

Live long Liberty Square

1 week anniversary – Occupy Wall Street

In one week.  Not enough time to write.  Too much life

Candle light vigil, 100 men and women telling their stories of the casino economy – desperate family and crushed lives.  Cop raids on our tech, throwing my friend face into the concrete while we all scream.  Wondering if two of our brothers would die in the hands of the police because they were denied medical assistance – asthma and critical concussion.  Praying in the ever surviving church of our founding fathers.  Uniting with the Troy Davis tribe!  Outnumbering the police 15 to 1


Waking, running, eating incredible food.  Uniting with the people of NYC/the world in the largest group yet – thousands.  Taking to the street, overrunning broadway, drum circle on Houston.  Watching Zuni, the most beautiful warrior sister, being smashed and brutilized by a dozen large police…. Hearing the horror stories of Yell, the other most beautiful warrior sister, having mace sprayed directly in her eyes – unable to open them for 15 minutes only with the help of some helpful citizens who hid her away from the police – see here… watch for yourself what it’s like to be maced.

Watching 100 of our brothers and sisters hauled in a public bus to an unknown location.  … yelling at passers by that the police are brutalizing kids while there are crooks right on the same block… who are killing our country and our mother earth… and drinking champagne

Too many stories to share.  Love you all.  Too much to do here 🙂  Blessings

Dispatches from Wall Street

Five days in, it’s surreal to get back online.  Never in my life have I felt that there was so much more going on around me than online 🙂   It feels good.  Occupy Wall Street is growing, we are winning… I don’t have time to write much, and am finding the brothers and sisters of the movement to help organize the online dispatches, videos and all!

Cheers to you all!  Love and see you soon.  Must go to drink with the core leadership to McSorley’s

Hugs – http://www.theawl.com/2011/09/a-report-from-the-occupation-of-wall-street

Credit to Wisconsin Legion – truly celebrating “Patriots Day”

True Patriots, the first of many citizens taking action into their own hands to secure America’s safety for all future generations by eliminating the corruption currently feeding us to the dogs and fueling the hatred of extremists.

Here is their original video… it’s scary how terrible it is :/

Below here is their announcement, and below that t is a poll on your opinion! Please participate 🙂 We want to see what people think of this!

On this day, September the 11th 2011 we take time to remember those who lost their lives in these tragic attacks and the wars that followed, whether or not called for, the troops who fought in said wars with the objective of serving our country and keeping us safe must also be recognized. But we must all go deeper than that. That is why, on this day, we are announcing a new force. September 11, 2001 changed our country in so many ways. We banded together and neighbor helped neighbor, people were united and we made it through because of this unity. The battle is no longer how do we move past September 11th.  The battle is now with an enemy within. In Wisconsin, for example, elections are bought and stolen, there is no longer true democracy. So we have formed the Wisconsin Legion. Our goal is to bring light to the Wisconsin injustices otherwise not covered by the media. Our goal is to restore Democracy so that people can once again become unified. Wisconsin has been infiltrated by ALEC plants such as John Nygren and Robin Vos that have no interest other than that of the very corporations that caused this mess. The people must be informed.  The people must rise up. Who are we? We are not Anonymous (although our identities are). We share the same ideals with the web group Anonymous and may use some of the same tools, but we do not claim to be nor are we a branch of Anonymous. We would be more than willing to work with any other groups such as anonymous and lulzsec and such to further a common goal. We will not have a heiarchy, a similarity with Anonymous. We will, however, expose the truth. In a world where everything is concealed we will fight for transparency. Nothing we do will be malicious. Much like Anonymous, our goal is not to cause damage yet to bring exposure to a topic. MSNBC is owned by GOP partners. We must realize as a whole the media in all aspects has failed us. We must look to less traditional media. And we must move forward as a state and as a country. We will not stop until all election injustices have been corrected. This is not a partisan battle. This is a battle for everyone who believes in this country.

10 years later, let us begin acting on “Patriot’s Day”

Short Video plus written thoughts.  Blessings and happy Patriots Day

Every year we Americans are barraged by images of 9/11, forced to relive the horrific attacks, but this year feels different.  10 years means something, and the memorial in NYC finally opened.  Today was the first day that many families of 9/11 victims could properly mourn their lost loved ones, because there was nothing left to burry them…. Today marks a real spiritual and symbolic turning point for America, and possibly the world.

I spent most of the 0:00 – 3:00 AM of today writing a speech for the first of what will be many demonstrations to occur in NYC – Occupy Wall St.  I have many criticisms of the planned occupation of Wall Street, but will be participating in order to have those criticisms adressed.  A week or so back I posted my major critiques.  But what is important on this day, is that the US is emerging as resilient after 10 years of fighting terrorism.  And us citizens, are no longer spectators of heroism – or the NYPD that has so far crushed over a dozen attacks on New Yorkers… of our young in arms that are wounded and killed in Afghanistan and Iraq in the name of security..  that these ten years mark the beginning of our duty to secure a peaceful livelihood.  A livelihood in which we are not constantly terrorized by the treat of attack.

Americans are waking up to the fact that many of our leaders and the most powerful in the US do not have our safety in mind.  That if we truly wish to rid ourselves of the causes of terror, we must rise to the occasion… wean ourselves from the oil, money, and black markets that fuel terror.  The way we do that is by fixing our country.

This is what I hope will become a tradition of Patriots Day.  That every 9/11th, Americans begin to work, to ensure nothing like it happens again.  We are a global generation.  And every American is blessed with unparalleled responsibility as global citizens.  As we fix our country, we shall fix the broken machine leaking hatred, funding and weaponry to people with the will to act on the worst of intentions.  We are not alone in bettering our country either.

Blessings to all on this day.  Please do not hesitate to share

Oh – FaceSNAP! – Facebook’s new icon!?

Have you heard?! Facebook has a new icon!! I wonder how the hard core users will react! 

This last week I noticed Fbook was crashing Chrome… a lot!  I wasn’t the only person who noticed this.  There’s a Fbook help page dedicated to fixing the problem actually… while I was in the middle of reading it though, my tab crashed (no joke).

So the new Fbook icon is growing on me.  It’s got a nice retro design, brining me back the good old DOS experience – very homely.  The frown though is a little bit depressing.  That might adversely effect Facebook’s regular user base.  It is very hip though, possibly boosting the hipster crowd… though they don’t click on the regular ads.  Fbook may have to update the Creepomatic Advertisement algorithm. The giant lumps on the “head” of the icon might also boost the lumpy head user base.

Here’s some science on the lumpy head user base for Fbook.  Clearly, the lumpy head user base tends to roam around hat websites, the most popular of which is How2Hats.com’s “hat lovers” page.  Just Google “hat lovers” and you will see it as the 9th result.  Notice the FIRST result is the Facebook page for “Hat Lovers”… a clear attempt to gobble up the loyal lumpy headed how2hats fans.   Do share your opinion! This is huge.  A potential Google killer?  We’ll see.  All I know is that I’ve been seeing it lately whenever I use Chrome… and there’s no doubt the lumpy headed of us will looove it.

We shall see what Google’s reaction is.  Perhaps a Google ∆ to capture the hardcore Buddhists and Mathematicians out there.  Change is a constant that these peace/science mongering users have been waiting to see reflected in at least one of the online juggernauts.  Stay tuned.  Share your thoughts.  Have you seen Fbook’s new icon lately?  I sure have been seeing it.  Perhaps it’s some early user testing

The icon also seems to come with some added functionality.  Less distractability, CIA spying and facial recognition software.

Diablo III vs. GOP – ROUND 1 FIGHT!

who will win?

Some of you know that the Republican party had one of it’s primary debates yesterday. Some of you know that Diablo III is coming out and the beta is being played by Blizzard friends and relatives.  Here is a completely scientific, unbiased, blessed by holy water (well not really… some time soon though I will have access to holy water) study of the relative splash each of these events had on citizens of the internet. This is the first of an ongoing series of posts following the internet impact of these two juggernauts!  Thats right… Juggernauts

DRUMROLLLLL – It looks like Diablo III is ahead in 5 out of 7 scientifically validated interwebs splash dimensions!  Can’t argue with science.

Here’s the official Breakdown –  Youtube Views are based on recent events in both Juggernauts.  Diablo III is doing very well in video splashing and is completely destroying the GOP in the Diaspora account existence dimension.  The GOP is doing extremely well though in one dimension, traditional news coverage, and squeeking by in Reddit Posts – keeping the battle too early to call

Post analysis revealed that most of the GOP splashage could be attributed to Ron Paul.  An interesting development.

Future analysis will include a “front runner” dimension.  There will be a Reddit vote hosted for “best Diablo character class” to wage final interwebs combat with the GOP primary front runner.  As of right now – Rick Perry has 85,000 followers! Much more than Diablo III has as an entire franchise.  This historic internet face-off will be tumultuous, participatory.  Who will be the best Diablo III character in the head to head battle with the GOP???  YOU DECIDE BELOWWWWWwww!