Diablo III vs. GOP – ROUND 1 FIGHT!

who will win?

Some of you know that the Republican party had one of it’s primary debates yesterday. Some of you know that Diablo III is coming out and the beta is being played by Blizzard friends and relatives.  Here is a completely scientific, unbiased, blessed by holy water (well not really… some time soon though I will have access to holy water) study of the relative splash each of these events had on citizens of the internet. This is the first of an ongoing series of posts following the internet impact of these two juggernauts!  Thats right… Juggernauts

DRUMROLLLLL – It looks like Diablo III is ahead in 5 out of 7 scientifically validated interwebs splash dimensions!  Can’t argue with science.

Here’s the official Breakdown –  Youtube Views are based on recent events in both Juggernauts.  Diablo III is doing very well in video splashing and is completely destroying the GOP in the Diaspora account existence dimension.  The GOP is doing extremely well though in one dimension, traditional news coverage, and squeeking by in Reddit Posts – keeping the battle too early to call

Post analysis revealed that most of the GOP splashage could be attributed to Ron Paul.  An interesting development.

Future analysis will include a “front runner” dimension.  There will be a Reddit vote hosted for “best Diablo character class” to wage final interwebs combat with the GOP primary front runner.  As of right now – Rick Perry has 85,000 followers! Much more than Diablo III has as an entire franchise.  This historic internet face-off will be tumultuous, participatory.  Who will be the best Diablo III character in the head to head battle with the GOP???  YOU DECIDE BELOWWWWWwww!

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