Oh – FaceSNAP! – Facebook’s new icon!?

Have you heard?! Facebook has a new icon!! I wonder how the hard core users will react! 

This last week I noticed Fbook was crashing Chrome… a lot!  I wasn’t the only person who noticed this.  There’s a Fbook help page dedicated to fixing the problem actually… while I was in the middle of reading it though, my tab crashed (no joke).

So the new Fbook icon is growing on me.  It’s got a nice retro design, brining me back the good old DOS experience – very homely.  The frown though is a little bit depressing.  That might adversely effect Facebook’s regular user base.  It is very hip though, possibly boosting the hipster crowd… though they don’t click on the regular ads.  Fbook may have to update the Creepomatic Advertisement algorithm. The giant lumps on the “head” of the icon might also boost the lumpy head user base.

Here’s some science on the lumpy head user base for Fbook.  Clearly, the lumpy head user base tends to roam around hat websites, the most popular of which is How2Hats.com’s “hat lovers” page.  Just Google “hat lovers” and you will see it as the 9th result.  Notice the FIRST result is the Facebook page for “Hat Lovers”… a clear attempt to gobble up the loyal lumpy headed how2hats fans.   Do share your opinion! This is huge.  A potential Google killer?  We’ll see.  All I know is that I’ve been seeing it lately whenever I use Chrome… and there’s no doubt the lumpy headed of us will looove it.

We shall see what Google’s reaction is.  Perhaps a Google ∆ to capture the hardcore Buddhists and Mathematicians out there.  Change is a constant that these peace/science mongering users have been waiting to see reflected in at least one of the online juggernauts.  Stay tuned.  Share your thoughts.  Have you seen Fbook’s new icon lately?  I sure have been seeing it.  Perhaps it’s some early user testing

The icon also seems to come with some added functionality.  Less distractability, CIA spying and facial recognition software.

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