10 years later, let us begin acting on “Patriot’s Day”

Short Video plus written thoughts.  Blessings and happy Patriots Day

Every year we Americans are barraged by images of 9/11, forced to relive the horrific attacks, but this year feels different.  10 years means something, and the memorial in NYC finally opened.  Today was the first day that many families of 9/11 victims could properly mourn their lost loved ones, because there was nothing left to burry them…. Today marks a real spiritual and symbolic turning point for America, and possibly the world.

I spent most of the 0:00 – 3:00 AM of today writing a speech for the first of what will be many demonstrations to occur in NYC – Occupy Wall St.  I have many criticisms of the planned occupation of Wall Street, but will be participating in order to have those criticisms adressed.  A week or so back I posted my major critiques.  But what is important on this day, is that the US is emerging as resilient after 10 years of fighting terrorism.  And us citizens, are no longer spectators of heroism – or the NYPD that has so far crushed over a dozen attacks on New Yorkers… of our young in arms that are wounded and killed in Afghanistan and Iraq in the name of security..  that these ten years mark the beginning of our duty to secure a peaceful livelihood.  A livelihood in which we are not constantly terrorized by the treat of attack.

Americans are waking up to the fact that many of our leaders and the most powerful in the US do not have our safety in mind.  That if we truly wish to rid ourselves of the causes of terror, we must rise to the occasion… wean ourselves from the oil, money, and black markets that fuel terror.  The way we do that is by fixing our country.

This is what I hope will become a tradition of Patriots Day.  That every 9/11th, Americans begin to work, to ensure nothing like it happens again.  We are a global generation.  And every American is blessed with unparalleled responsibility as global citizens.  As we fix our country, we shall fix the broken machine leaking hatred, funding and weaponry to people with the will to act on the worst of intentions.  We are not alone in bettering our country either.

Blessings to all on this day.  Please do not hesitate to share

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