1 week anniversary – Occupy Wall Street

In one week.  Not enough time to write.  Too much life

Candle light vigil, 100 men and women telling their stories of the casino economy – desperate family and crushed lives.  Cop raids on our tech, throwing my friend face into the concrete while we all scream.  Wondering if two of our brothers would die in the hands of the police because they were denied medical assistance – asthma and critical concussion.  Praying in the ever surviving church of our founding fathers.  Uniting with the Troy Davis tribe!  Outnumbering the police 15 to 1


Waking, running, eating incredible food.  Uniting with the people of NYC/the world in the largest group yet – thousands.  Taking to the street, overrunning broadway, drum circle on Houston.  Watching Zuni, the most beautiful warrior sister, being smashed and brutilized by a dozen large police…. Hearing the horror stories of Yell, the other most beautiful warrior sister, having mace sprayed directly in her eyes – unable to open them for 15 minutes only with the help of some helpful citizens who hid her away from the police – see here… watch for yourself what it’s like to be maced.

Watching 100 of our brothers and sisters hauled in a public bus to an unknown location.  … yelling at passers by that the police are brutalizing kids while there are crooks right on the same block… who are killing our country and our mother earth… and drinking champagne

Too many stories to share.  Love you all.  Too much to do here 🙂  Blessings

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