Four Score, 1984, Occupy the Money Whores

Consider this an unabated, unedited representation of the latest and most raw from the ground floor.  Last night two dozen Occupiers had a relaxing get together.  Our home was crushed, destroyed, raped by bank hired henchmen who were 100% reluctant to carry out their orders.  Their raid was simulated to take less than an hour, but it took four.  Who’s winning? Check the score

That’s what you get from relying on 9.6 million dollars from Case Bank and Goldman Sacks to fund orders… because the Occupation drained all the NYPD funds a month back… So now we have to fight the banks through those who swore to protect and serve.

Word on the street is that several Occupants had puppies in their tents, and were arrested near the mile square barricade around the so called public park.  Those  puppies were crushed….  We sat and sang the US Amendments as they took them away.  We defended the American Flag in Liberty Square…  And we had to take a minute to hang out and recuperate

But they wouldn’t make that easy.  No, they cut out the internet… no phones could access the internet that night.  Worse yet our old MacBook that held the tunes was clearly being used to monitor us.  It was impossible to type into the iTunes search field.  The songs skipped and radio sounds chirped out of our speakers as we listened to Aesop Rock, drank Pumpkin Ale, and burned incense.

This morning we woke to helicopters over the apartment we stayed in…. a bunch of peaceful, young, rolly smoking homeless folk who finally found a quiet place to be human.  And we excelled at it.  Between 80 decibel cypher sessions, revolution stories, and banana infused pancakes… we ate up the surveillance… used the panopticons lens on it self to make a laser of truth to the surveyors.  Fearful people spy… while the courageous cry in the face of Terminator Robo Cop Agent Smiths, praying for them to wake up… as we keep our fists pumpin.   Slamin down the ales of our founding fathers, in celebration of what they fought and died for

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