OWS phase 3.0 – End Police State

The following is a short video of what is written.  Forgive the sound, we’re using some olllld computers since everything we own has been stolen/destroyed by the police.  Enjoy and spread!

The voice of the people has spoken, at Liberty Square and across the country (and World).. What we are saying is: Our country has been broken and we are here to fix it!  But just as our voice began to reverberate, it was silenced.  Between the media blackout and distortion, our voice has been attacked by the police officers who swore to protect us. Our police officers, who we pay through state taxes, now answer to the banks….

Who unlawfully steal and destroy the homes of self sacrificing civilians.  Who claim to remove us for our “safety” as they strike us with batons.  Who claim our home is a fire hazard as they set fire to it (They set fire to our Kitchen after forcibly removing us).  Who claim that we are making too much noise as they wheel in their LRAD sound cannons to disperse us.  Who claim that we are violent when they are the ones who bring weapons and outfits for battle.

The people finally found their voice in Liberty Square and it has been taken… and it is being taken throughout our blessed country by a coordinated, centralized effort that the people have no say in.  All the while the Occupy movement is criticized for not having a coherent message, while the Occupants are fighting for food, shelter, and privacy.  Imagine being choked by a cop, while the cop explains they are choking you because they cant understand the words you are yelling inbetween gargled gasps.

I truly believe that our current focus is on eliminating the police state which has a boot on the throat of the 99%.  We must achieve this goal before Winter is up.  Because Spring is when the movement will finally be ready.  Not one successful movement in American history have had such public support as the Occupy movement.  From the Revolution itself, to the women’s suffrage movement, the civil rights movement, the anti-war movement, the labor movement… not one of them had the support of 60% of the wider public in their first month of existence… not one of them succeeded overnight.  This is a non-violent revolution to take our country back, and to bring humanity sucessfully into the 21st century.  It will not flourish as it should while America’s police forces are in the pockets of bankers.

We will not get our foreclosed homes with police defending Goldman Sach’s headquarters.  We will not repair our electoral system with SWAT teams raiding our organization centers.  We will not see the New American Dream with our eyes drenched by chemical weapons.   We must get public support to eliminate this criminal attack on our First Amendment.  Too many patriots spilled their blood for it to be so disgracfully sullied in the name of money.

Everyone must know, that there is no future for our country while police officers arrest and beat the innocent, who are simply pointing at the greatest criminals in the world across the street. End this police state.  Reclaim our voice.  Then help us craft our message, so that the spinsters and deceivers cannot warp it to their evil ends.  We have a message that is being honed as our vocal cords are being crushed under the boots of Bloomberg’s reluctant henchmen

Help us emancipate our NYPD heros from the position they are in now… forced to be nothing more than hired thugs, no better than Storm Troopers who are “just following orders”.  Help us fight for them… so that they may fight for us, because we are only just beginning to exercise the first of our Amendments.  And there are 25 more revive… and I suspect many more to ratify as we march on Our Streets.  And as we fight for Our Country… and Our Greater Human Civilization which skirts on the edges of collapse

We can start by extending our gratitude to the bravest of our police officers.  To tell them that we will support them.  To have faith in their families and their country to support them. To give question weather Goldman reSachs and Chase will support them in the end.  To reclaim the honor they deserve.  To reclaim their rights as US vo to voice their opinion.    With them we cannot fail.  Without them, we risk losing control of this peaceful revolution.

Help us get our country back.  Help us save our home planet.  Help us make history as The Greatest Generation the world has ever seen.

Alláh-u-AbÁamen, namaste

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