Rapid Update 1.0

I’m going to start writing Rapid Updates while I’m living with the Livestream Team in our undisclosed squatting place.

Right now Seattle, Washington, and New Orleans have heavy police presence/raids.  Nashville is marching to court.

I’d like to point out that Bloomberg has increased his fortune from 4 billion to 20 billion in the 11 years he’s been mayor.  That’s about an 18% annual increase… Bloomberg LP just released data explaining how the Fed gave out more than the 7 billion dollar TARP program of 08’… the grand total is around 7.7 TRILLION.  That’s nice of him to disclose this information… why now though?  What on earth is this mayor about?  He recently touted the exact words “I have an army” – NYPD is the 9th largest standing army in the world.

All of these raids, paired with the Bloomberg monopoly on market data, with his practically impossible increase in personal wealth, along with the latest news that TIME magazine’s December 5th article being censored in the US makes it patently clear to me that we live in Orwell’s worst 1984 nightmare.  This is serious and we need to begin discussing what OWS will be doing this election season.

Do we deligitimize the US govt by having a massive boycott of the electoral system?  What do we do?  These are the questions we have to be asking as we build the capacity to provide the answers.  Best wishes, love and blessings in the mean time.  Will keep reporting from the ground – Ted

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