December 15th: America’s Awakening – We Are Stopping America’s Fall, Recall & Impeach them All!!!!

Today is the 220th anniversary of the Bill of Rights, a document that secured our freedom of speech, Habeas Corpus, and the American Spirit which inspired all the people of the world to fight for freedom and liberty, but this morning marks the elites last attempt to destroy this spirit with NDAA and SOPA.  They have succeeded with the former.  They WILL NOT SUCCEED WITH THE LATTER.

11 AM today, those of us at Occupy Wall Street gave a our first official press statement on the matter, and have taken the stand to defend all American’s against this attack.  Later today I will be giving a speech in front of Washington’s Statue at Wall Street to amplify this resolution – to amplify the world wide call to save liberty and justice on our planet which teeters into utter chaos at the hands of these elite.  They will regret their attack on this historic day.  Because we have a few more powers that they don’t have time to cut off… and that is the ability to recall, and impeach them all.

The only thing that keeps me, my partner Camille, every friend I have made and bleed with at Occupy Wall Street from being indefinitely and unconstitutionally detained is THE INTERNET.  SOPA threatens that.  Every American must assemble now and threaten to impeach and recall all of the politicians that fail to rescind their support for NDAA, and SOPA.

December 15th marks the second American awakening. The first shot was fired by non other than our leaders.  Before it was the Red Coat musket financed by the quill stroke of the King and aristocrats.  Today it is the law enforcement teargas financed by the pen stroke of Obama and the corporatocracy.  Let’s chain their hands, and put them behind bars, so they can’t sign another attack on America’s spirit.  Let’s begin the fight today!

The following details every impeachable offence of the Obama administration.  We can extend this to every snake in Washington.  Below is Iceland’s story of triumph over the elite who hijacked their country.  They crowd sourced a new constitution.  We can do the same.

1. Unconstitutional war on Libya
2. Unconstitutional assassination of 3 US citizens abroad by drone attack
3. Unconstitutional expansion of citizen surveillance
4. Killing the Habeas Corpus and Posse Comitatus by writing and approving NDAA 1031

Here’s how you recall an elected official.  Here’s how you impeach a knavish viper of a president.  Here’s Iceland’s story from crisis to crowd-sourced constitution.  Here is their constitution.

I will be posting my speech soon.  Must go! Spread the word and take back our country!!!!

1 thought on “December 15th: America’s Awakening – We Are Stopping America’s Fall, Recall & Impeach them All!!!!

  1. Great ideas however the only way to remove a President from office is by Impeachment not even a recall can remove a US President from office.

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