Occupy 2012!

Share your ideas at our Occupy 2012 Reddit and commenting here! Spread the word and start your own Open, Playful and Sincere Action for New Years!!!  Help us Occupy the Ball Drop in Time Square with signs, projections, balloons and spirit!!!  There’s a party at LIBERTY SQUARE at the same time, but that is not the focus of this action.

We will attempt to display the Occupy Message through the Ball Dropping.  The fireworks provide lots of smoke, and there are place that might be dark enough to show a projection.  We’ll try and drop banners from friendly apts, and encourage folks to do the same! If you know people who live in the area, who have friendly businesses, who have apartments with views of Time Square please let us know by filling out the bottom form (here is a link to the form to share directly to people you know)!!!  Mass media is our battle zone, and this is our greatest opportunity to enlighten the world about why the Global Revolution/Awakening is here, what we are doing, and to get involved!


2 thoughts on “Occupy 2012!

  1. Hey. It’s Jonah Simmons. We met today after the Direct Action Work Group. You were talking about doing something big on New Years Eve. I just wanted you to know I can probably expect to spend almost all day Christmas Eve doing other stuff, so I’m not going to be able to do anything then. But I expect to be free sometime at least for a short while the day after christmas. Anyway, some of the ideas we came up are really cool. We just need to figure out how to do it. I’m hesitant to talk about major plans on an open network like this though, so I really think we should meet up (with you and whoever else wants to get involved in this) as soon as possible. Like I said, for me that’s probably going to be the 26th. I think I found you on facebook. I think this could be really big but we need to figure out how secure our conversations need to be. I might be paranoid, and if I am please let me know, but it’s just a thought I have.

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