Giving Thanks: Global Public Servants Day

Dearest human family,
Today marks my 26th circling of our Sun…  which I spent most of the time praying, meditating, and solidifying who I am most thankful to in the culmination of my whole life up until now.  It’s a long list, and I am still working on it, but the list is the first public recognition and definitive manifesting of LGHTnotes.  There are 190 people I believe to have empowered me to do my public service to the world and I am giving them the due credit they deserve.
This manifesting of LGHTnotes will mark the first half of the founding LGHTnotes that will serve to build the community that is completely dedicated to making the tools of civilization building.  Each person is being given 19 LGHTnotes, which they may do whatever they wish with them, once I have set up the necessary database capabilities etc.
My intention today is to begin a tradition that will no doubt become known by next year.. that global public servants like myself, will thoroughly credit those who have been most instrumental in enabling such service.  It is high time that we stop celebrating leaders, and start celebrating the generosity and altruism that truly moves humanity forward.
Let this day not just be a single day in a year, but a tradition, with many names, and a mode of thought.  Let it spur a dialect of service, nay a language, in which all people of all traditions can clearly understand each other in the most basic sense, in acknowledging the gifts to the commons, that support our well being, that give us a purpose in life.

These are the thanks, which I will be continuing to work on until they are done.  They are the first of many.  – Alláh-u-Abhá

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