Post Global Summit

Istanbul Turkey, where civilizations blend, secular governance wave crecent moon flags, and the EU is accepted without due-representation.  It happens to also boarder the fire pit of chaos threatening to bring down the world’s dogmatic religious leaders, currupt politicans, and blinded global citizens into a war fanned by fiat bills. (I can’t begin to express what joy, culture, beauty, and magic this country holds… such are for stories shared with friends around the camp fires of Arc38).

Yesterday, atop the Nobel Hostel, I spoke with Elena Annibali, an expert in international relations, organic farmer nearly completely off grid, solidarity economy builder and once elected officer of her people in Italy.  She explained how totally screwed everything around Syria was…  between the American tactics of creating chaos, selling small arms, the Syrian upheaval against a real dictatorship that could happen slowly but is being sped up, Chinese and Russian interests within the country that are at odds with America, Iran’s amplifying threats against the US and Israel should their involvement amplify, the US threats against the Syrian government should their involvement amplify, and the Islamic community within Syria moving the populace away from a situation of controlled choas that benefits the rigid and manipulative American tactic to spread an economy of exploitation and materialism… The cool air of the terrace only deepened the disparing perplexity at the news Elena shared, that 70 people had been maimed by a car bomb just within the Turkish boarder.

A year ago I began writing this online thing to celebrate the Libyan uprising and inspire action, and after a year in the trenches, on the front lines, with wounds from Wall Street NYPD lingering, all my possenssions destroyed and stolen, and cuts of betrayal and deciet from within the ranks of the Occupy community still bloody… I carry the same message, assured by experience, with a family of heart strong people, and an unwavering compass of guidance to direct me after returning to New York City.  It is time for us to Reclaim the movement, evolve, and work our asses off to obsolete this constructed perfect storm of oppression.  We mobilized to reject the systems of old, now it’s our moment to build the future.

After visiting the Holy sites in Adrianople, Constantanople, Haifa and Acca, I will return to Manhattan with true friends, trusted companions, hard workers, and pioneers of the future who are dedicated to serve mankind, to honor the hundreds of people who have put down their lives in this movement for justice, to raise the banner of international unity, intertribal sharing, healing, and peace as the old world consumes itself to death.  The people’s online learning center for Reclaiming will be released on September 17th.  It is time for the movement to reignite empowerment and hope in this time of transition, and for us all to recognize the potential for us to make future generations proud.  Not only because we raised our voices against injustice, but that we began building something worthy of their hands, minds, and hearts to perfect ever more.

We shall Occupy the Wolfclass threats to life on earth, like the perpetual war, the perpetual bank (the Fed), the perpetual curruption, injustice, prejudice, materialism, and the perpetual toxic pollution (Spectra/LX Pipelines and fracking)… as we Reclaim what belongs to all generations and the living people who worth at least their weight in Mother Earth’s soil by virtue of their willingness to perserve life.  What belongs to all future generations and those of us fit enough protect life?  Our divine human rights, our land, our work, our energy, our air, our water… our water… our water… the universal cause of life, the womb’s fluid atmosphere, the home to the single cell we all have in common, the primary mover of blood, love, and light… the mirror for this world.  And through its reflection we may begin to appreciate, what a gift from God it is, and be revived as a whole body in awe of the cause of our existance.  Greatfull.  Steadfast.  And riding the waves of the universes unfoldment with blades of ink that cut suffering from it’s folds, flames of love that cast away darkenss from it’s infinite space, and ripples of music tuned to the beat of our heart so all time will not forget Life.

1 thought on “Post Global Summit

  1. please share your thoughts. I wrote this literally without any idea it was actually the EXACT anniversary of this enire experiment 🙂 Exciting. It will evolve with your input. Love and light in an age of darkness

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