Pre Global Summit

I’m now in London, preparing for The Global Summit, and the timing is sweet.  I’ve Occupied and experimenting with the Global Public Servant hat for a year now, and the course has lead to this moment and place of a historic coalition building.  On August 12th, I arrived in Belfast, just as the closing ceremony for the 2012 Olympics were beginning.  Air was cold, backpack was heavy, and the atmosphere was clear compared to Dublin.  A friendly man with an iPhone explained that I could use the bathroom at the Europa “the most bombed building in Europe” he said The Troubles of the 1960 hit hard at Europa.. Where apparently the Clinton’s visited regularly, according to the timeline written on the spiral staircase up to the bathroom.  I was “technically” in the UK for the Olympics, in a building bombed in out of control tribal conflict playing out in modern politics, and I could not hold back the feeling… that the world wants peace.

It was the first year more than one person lit the Olympic torch and the closing ceremony succeeded in leaving a feeling of unity.  This is months after the Rio +20 Earth Summit.  On the ground, I know that though our leaders did not secure a sound future for our children or abate the corporate takeover of our UN process.  But, they left the door open.  For who? Us.  Civil Society.  If there is one thing that is palpable in London, it is civility.  So much that it mocks itself in good humor.

For the next few days, the participants of The Global Summit and I will be drafting governance laws for our coalition of organizations.  We will be establishing a network for the next phase of the movement.  A phase in which we focus on building the future civilization.  That builds justice.  That builds peace.  This is the “Future We Build”!  Join us in Reclaiming the movement, our Earth, and our Honour. Today Ecuador gave Julian Assange asylum… between Brazil suing Monsanto, UN officials demanding America give back native land, and The Open Source Imperative presented at Rio +20, there’s nothing left to do but to Remobilize, Revitalize, and Reorganize.  With a year of experience under our belt, nothing can stop us.  We know who our friends are.  We now have a new tactic to practice.  Reclaim!

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