Day of Remembrance – Discovering Columbus

The First Nations peoples of New York, primarily Taino, converged on October 7th for the Day of Remembrance at Columbus Circle, rain wetting the small crowd, drums electrifying the air around an encapsulated statue of the “conqueror” typically celebrated around this time of year.  A Japanese artist, Tatzu Nishi set up a suspended installation upon the spire around Columbus.  For many of us there it was ironic, that on the 5th Adversarial Day of Remembrance, on 2012, that Columbus would be “hiding in shame”.

Growing up in New Mexico with my half sister of the Hopi and Laguna, a Tewa gradeschool teacher, and a Zuni Godfather, I knew Columbus mostly as a murderous, disease ridden, greedy man with a beard and a conehead helmet with feathers.  He and the other Conquistadors decimated an entire continent of people…

This year, working with Queen Mother, I’ve realized that this unfortunate git and turd of a human being also began the transatlantic slave trade.  Here are a few videos that can speak much louder than any of my words, the feeling and strong tradition shared in the unusual space

On October 8th, more First Nations people gathered to share the truth about Columbus at St. Mary’s Church. Tiokasin Ghosthorse, of the Lakota tribe, explained the vast colonization of language and culture at the hands of Columbus.  He soulfully blew out the fog off western thought in St. Church, honestly recounting stories of the brutality suffered by First Nations people to this day from the ethnocide started by Columbus.  Within the flowing breaths of truth, Ghosthorse explained what America really meant.  Ame – the root of love – and rica, riches… Love of wealth, riches… materialism

The day ended with Firewolf of the Navajo tribe, and founder of the Native Resistance Network, harping off of other profound words of wisdom from Ghosthorse… that Mother Earth shall not support the materialism of humanity, or these people that call themselves Americans.  That there’s a great cleansing coming and the electricity will go out, and the First Nations people will be looked to for survival.

The question is whether they will be so generous. I can attest to the need at this time… it seems we’re living in a Metropolis like world, but one of spirit and lies, not just material wealth and enslavement.

The world of lies and those that believe it think they are in charge of everything, dominating… and the world of spirit and those that believe know that they are one, even with the liers… and this year, 2012, is the year that the lie ghasps its last breath, and those that still believe it, are at the whims of God’s overstretched mercy, Mother Earth’s healthy immune response, and those of us who are strong enough to defend her for all future generations to care for.

— this is a work in progress

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