Day of Mourning – Taino Vive!

November 25th was a special day, the first day I made it to the National Day of Mourning on Plymouth Rock.  First to strike me was the Walt Disney vibe, the veneer of shallow history mixed in with a true feeling of pride for my own heritage that arrived on the Mayflower…. who’s true struggle was not at all communicated, neither were their atrocities…

The only truly patriotic and true feeling was emanating from the ceremony of the National Day of Mourning gathering on the hill across from the rock.  I was honored to tend the fire of the Taino elder who lead the opening and closing prayers.  The rest of the day we all marched with drums, singing, which felt wonderful.

It was a great honor to bring a basket of harvested food from the farms in Amenia and Bushwick, and a hemp handle I threaded the night before in the shape of a double helix.  Brought back corn seed from the ceremony to grown this next season.  After the Two Rows Wampum Belt there will be lots of work ahead of us all

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