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How Do We Stop This?

Though I may not look it, as a third generation New Mexican, brother of a Laguna and Hopi sister, family member of many tribes, honorary Intertribal Nation member I am disgusted by this trend that I have seen in New York.. The commoditization of First Nation’s design, patterns, and colors by extremely rich, and often not so rich non-natives…. And it’s gotten worse

Just search “native” and any sweat shop labor fashion vender.  You’ll find what epitomizes the disrespect that honestly is very much white people’s responsibility to stop..How to keep Hello Kitty kitch from taking over the indigenous stitch is no small task.


I hate to shock you… but it gets worse…


I remember when it was just a trickle of First Nation’s patterns appearing on 5th Ave.. to see the very dream and vision of my family desecrated by people who looked like me who had no damn idea what they were doing, trampling on the culture, language, heritage of the most assaulted people on Earth, continuing to colonize all the fabric of the Indigenous.  Colonizing in the name of America — ie Love for Wealth, Greed… (Ama – to love & rica – wealth).

One may ask, “So what!? It’s just clothes.” I’d reply, clothing is the loudest expression of non-verbal language.  This screams genocide.  It is also just the grain of an avalanche of cultural colonization, or dare I say rape.

In New Mexico we are very sensitive to this legally and culturally.  A vender can be prosecuted under Federal Law for passing off a cloth as authentically Native American. I hope that we can uphold that in NYC.  The profits reaped by fashion industry theft of First Nation’s heritage should go back to the Reservations, to stop the XL Pipeline, or be banned.  Only till First Nation’s peoples are duly respected, honored, and the United State’s treaties made good, will work like this no longer look like fourth generation Nazis parading around with traditional Jewish garb.

I love the United States, but I sometimes cringe at America. We have to reclaim what America means, we have to set right history, undo the racism, and begin to respect the beautiful heritage of this nation, which is not white heritage but everyone’s heritage.  It is the most precious reality of the United States.

The United States, at it’s best, embodies the range of humanity, above and beyond any nation. Compassion, understanding, and respect for plurality beyond these senseless boarders is our crowning jewel. But America often falls short of the ideal.  How we treat each other and respect differing cultural traditions, determines weather we embody the beauty of United States, or the greed of America.

Nuanced Tags – An Experiment for Prepending Posts

#PositiveExperiment Dear friends,

I’m playing with this idea to prepend (antonym of append :P) my posts, so that my own view on whatever I am posting is right up front..  Since Facebook is about being “open” and there’s no way to filter messages to different groups on one’s Wall (which is generally how I roll), I feel the need to put my own feeling and point in context.  And it would be nice not to be constrained into this impossible notion of “building a narrative”. 

Social media is constrained by the Bookface paradigm, making it so the only way to share information is to pigionhole the issues one focusses on, or to regurgitate something that already exists.  It’s sorta a self fulfilling prophesy, Google + allows for more nuanced online comms but is totally empty as a result.

So I challenge any friends, and other generally cool people who like the concept of Global Public Servitude, to be ready for a diversity of posts.  I won’t be publishing informative stuff all the time, I won’t be publishing casual stuff either.  So here’s how the format will go for now, till something else works or too many people say it’s pointless.


So the format will go like this:

The prefix of appended tags will begin with a “positive, neutral, negative” while the suffix of the appended tag will end with any “virtue, neutral action, anti-virtue” – for example



This will allow me to also post ridiculous stuff and have others know my intent regardless of weather they are lookin at my online service as friends I know or random people.. for instance

        #NegativeTruth  —> post about how hydrofracking works

        #PositiveTruth   —> post about how mesh-internet-networks work

        #NegativeFun   —> post of Bloomberg kissing Lady Gaga

        #PositiveFun    —> post of baby pandas

        #PositiveAnger —> not sure if this exists but.. a post of Lamb of God playing music

        #NegativeAnger –> a post of me yelling like moron in Liberty Square


🙂  so I hope this will free me a bit more to share online, and ALSO to balance what I share.  I’ve had to narrow everything I share to #PositiveSpirit and #NegativeTruth… and that’s just not me!  Anyone who knows me there’s a big silly side in the middle 🙂

3.13.13 – The End of The World…. of Open-Source Innovation…. as we know it?

March 13, 2013 is the date that US patent law will fall out of the hands of enterprising and publicly minded inventors to the claws of thieving, profit maximizing, corpserations.  The following videos and links describe the impact of an ironically named “America Invents Act”, brought to us all by Senator Smith – the man who gave birth to stillborn monster called SOPA.  The act ironically changes the US patent system from “first to invent” to “first to file”… so the “America Files Act” might be more appropriate description.  This post is under construction as the “AIA” legislation is complex, the time frame for inventors and opensourcers to respond is short, and the point of this is to spark ideas and participation in what’s becoming an ecosystem of empowering and open documents of the budding Reclaim movement (you may have heard about it but our web servers keep getting hacked).  ENJOY and please share your input, we don’t have much time.

The following videos are a brief and casual dialogue about a “People’s Patent Process” as an antidote to Mr Smith’s assault on innovation and empowerment.

The following links can give the layreader more than enough information to understand the details of the “America Invents Act”: Halling’sBlog, IPWatch, Emerging Strategies.

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