Easter blessings for Vets

blessin u allll! friends cuz … it’s sooo not for judgemental people

Without “And Justice For All…” I wouldn’t have been in Liberty Square. This is a piece of me, what drives me, in reality… what should never be but continues right now, with brothers and sisters being gassed in Syria and all over the world in this emerging global civil war… both sides are wrong. Domination never works, even for the oppressed… dare I say especially.

Peace to my veteran mentor John Humphries, my veteran friends Steve, Zach Haymen, Shamar Thomas, Jesse, Nick… and family who served in the Revolutionary War, The Union of the Civil War, World War I, and World War II… in the land and sea

Sacrifice shall never be in vain.  May it become like the sacrifice of the seed to become a tree. And may the sacrifices of the Occupy family bear the greatest of fruit this year, fruit of joy, love, Spirit, and intelligence.  This video encompass the movement… and it is two years old today – published on Easter.

Sabatogge of Next Steps of Movement

This may be too faint, audio wise… main point is… while getting ducks in a row for 1,000,000 LOVE bomb SEED bomb: A Game 2 Reclaim, and the other two events leading up to The Global Summit NYC of intermovement dialogue around the Local Bill/People’s Patent/Open Source Imperative… we can’t even access our own web administration. These are professionals who are not even able to make sense of this mess… after OVER A YEAR of SERVER SHUT DOWNS, DOS ATTACKS… now we can’t even edit the copy on our system, and after rebuilding the whole thing from major hacking this year.

We can do this alone… but not as well. Please help if you want to see this succeed – RECLAIM THE MOVEMENT. It’s time to up our GAME

Here’s what we’re stuck with http://www.reclaimourearth.net – the copy is really old after we rebuilt the whole system… now we’ve completely lost control of the site.

I’m the only one now with admin access and I don’t have permission to edit anything – See the following screenshot to see what we’re trying to do – you’ll notice it says “failure to delete banner” – trying to work around it. Good luck, God bless, happy Easter in the mean time 🙂Image

Here’s a closeup of this crud! lol – admin with no privileges.. oh that’s convenient


Good Friday & Easter – Prayers for Sacrifices & Healing

The following are prayerful tributes to everyone. My favorites – please share your own.

Fore IdleNoMore and the First Nations who still endure 400+ years of genocidal/culturecide

For the First Nations of the Himalayas – the Tibetans

For Justin Bieber not being afraid to show the true heart of the United States

For all past sacrifice of LGBT rights, freedom of religion, equality of race, gender – we are all equal in the eye of the Creator

For the Baha’i’s of Iran whom still endure 150 years of genocidal persecution

For the future generations whom bear the sacrifice of our shortcomings

Revelatory Naturalism

Share your story of Revelatory Naturalism 🙂

Here’s my favorite Bahá’í text on this:  ‘Abdu’l-Bahá on Ḥuqúqu’lláh

As preordained by the Fountain-head of Creation, the temple of the world hath been fashioned after the image and likeness of the human body. In fact each mirroreth forth the image of the other, wert thou but to observe with discerning eyes. By this is meant that even as the human body in this world, which is outwardly composed of different limbs and organs, is in reality a closely integrated, coherent entity, similarly the structure of the physical world is like unto a single being whose limbs and members are inseparably linked together.

Were one to observe with an eye that discovereth the realities of all things, it would become clear that the greatest relationship that bindeth the world of being together lieth in the range of created things themselves, and that co-operation, mutual aid and reciprocity are essential characteristics in the unified body of the world of being, inasmuch as all created things are closely related together and each is influenced by the other or deriveth benefit therefrom, either directly or indirectly…


Full Text



U know Whuuuu?


You know wat’s goin be awesome bein one giant hive mind waging Peace

bein all survivalist primitive magin bows to catch Zero Carbon deer foods, and defending crops from pesky racoons with non-lethal sedative tipped arrows with our HAND MADE BOWZ!


We Are Awake: Call to Coherence

This is for all trusted friends – be yee in Botswana or down the street – the community is awake – let us embrace each other – take steps and find coherence to meet the test of the time.  Before the old paradigm clouds the skies with bullet ridden drone flyin 😛  Or zombi apocaliptic grime… or too much CO2 for us to breath too 🙂 

The Avatar “i see u” is sooo tru  😛   lovein ya’ll – we got this

Down to proclaim your awake state, dedicated to support, or build along side – we are the hive.  BEEEEEEEE

Reclaim Thu EP

Yo common blood, dis be a muddy message for all who can handle creative commons rambling

dramamine, smashingpumkings aint seen nothing like the icecream bluoooming we can produuuce in our ramon swoop fruit loop of LOVE –

Reclaim the power glove. Let’s make videos that rub more than D’s on expen$ive Sheeeees – and make Die Antwoord wish they had keys to the Clear Water, make TDE rhymes harbor less anger, and MIMS….. uh well MIMS… can just do his thing – BLESSINGS PEES!  Lets do diiiis


= reclaimed

props to Die Antwoord for revolutionizing thu interwebs.. challeng u to not curse

= reclaimed

props to MIMS for playin at my prom

= reclaimed

props to TDE for possibly causing millions of innocent people dyin… by showin the true hellish reality of innocent people already dyin by the infernal system that we create.  Grow the soul, grow food, protect our water, seed, and community. Love you guys… it’s really hard not to listen to your music

Anyone who wana collabz, just git in contact w me. Wana make videos. Got good recordings of one of these

Women are Superior

Shared via Reddit via [–]forbiscuit

Upon another occasion ‘Abdul-Baha said to a group of friends around him: “Taken in general, women today have a stronger sense of religion than men. The woman’s intuition is more correct; she is more receptive and her intelligence is quicker. The day is coming when woman will claim her superiority to man.


“Woman has everywhere been commended for her faithfulness. After the Lord Christ suffered, the disciples wept, and gave way to their grief. They thought that their hopes were shattered, and that the Cause was utterly lost, till Mary Magdalene came to them and strengthened them saying: `Do you mourn the body of Our Lord or His Spirit? If you mourn His Spirit, you are mistaken, for Jesus lives! His Spirit will never leave us!’ Thus through her wisdom and encouragement the Cause of Christ was upheld for all the days to come. Her intuition enabled her to grasp the spiritual fact.”