Reclaim Thu EP

Yo common blood, dis be a muddy message for all who can handle creative commons rambling

dramamine, smashingpumkings aint seen nothing like the icecream bluoooming we can produuuce in our ramon swoop fruit loop of LOVE –

Reclaim the power glove. Let’s make videos that rub more than D’s on expen$ive Sheeeees – and make Die Antwoord wish they had keys to the Clear Water, make TDE rhymes harbor less anger, and MIMS….. uh well MIMS… can just do his thing – BLESSINGS PEES!  Lets do diiiis


= reclaimed

props to Die Antwoord for revolutionizing thu interwebs.. challeng u to not curse

= reclaimed

props to MIMS for playin at my prom

= reclaimed

props to TDE for possibly causing millions of innocent people dyin… by showin the true hellish reality of innocent people already dyin by the infernal system that we create.  Grow the soul, grow food, protect our water, seed, and community. Love you guys… it’s really hard not to listen to your music

Anyone who wana collabz, just git in contact w me. Wana make videos. Got good recordings of one of these

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