Easter blessings for Vets

blessin u allll! friends cuz … it’s sooo not for judgemental people

Without “And Justice For All…” I wouldn’t have been in Liberty Square. This is a piece of me, what drives me, in reality… what should never be but continues right now, with brothers and sisters being gassed in Syria and all over the world in this emerging global civil war… both sides are wrong. Domination never works, even for the oppressed… dare I say especially.

Peace to my veteran mentor John Humphries, my veteran friends Steve, Zach Haymen, Shamar Thomas, Jesse, Nick… and family who served in the Revolutionary War, The Union of the Civil War, World War I, and World War II… in the land and sea

Sacrifice shall never be in vain.  May it become like the sacrifice of the seed to become a tree. And may the sacrifices of the Occupy family bear the greatest of fruit this year, fruit of joy, love, Spirit, and intelligence.  This video encompass the movement… and it is two years old today – published on Easter.

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