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This is a message to friends – out of slight desperation seeing Cyprus start to show the super fiscirs of the global economy and seeing little coordination and understanding the spiritual division at the root within our nation causing great reverberations of perpetuated misdirected traumatic hostility…

Who ever has an opinion about Palestine and Israel… apply it at home.  Stop pointing fingers.  This is colonized and genocided land, and the blood cries out. Every finger pointed overseas to say – give back the land – cause cries in the next world and cause the Creator to come back to us in retribution and to deliver justice in cleansing, hurricanes, no bluffing.

The first covenant with the First Nations was broken, and we must repair it.  Turn in.

Marriage Equality? How bout Separation of Church and State

Lovely fellow global public servants,

Top of the morning and quite a day in DC, good friends are out for equal rights of our brothers and sisters of differing sexual persuasion, orientation, it is a good day for those with compassion for LGBTQ friends – but who needs labels ne way.

I was partially raised by a gay godfather, DJ, back in New Mexico, a plains Indian godfather as well.  Both of these I am proud of. Without him I would have been a spoiled little brat, I remember him slaping me once as a 6 year old, something my parents would never do, and telling me to “quit your winin!”  He always made people laugh their asses off, and would tickle me to death with “THU CLAW” … something every kid knows is a hillarious and scary ass game, but with DJ it was delightfully worse in both ways because he had once shot off his middle finger while hunting birds back in NM, and he had a totally haphazard surgury that left him with this absurdly ugly hand.  He had a sense of humor that lit up God’s kingdom.

When I was 13, I will never forget the moment when my Mom picked me up with the news, DJ had been murdured.  Brutally.  He was stabbed 50+ times with a shank in his own back yard, by a man I saw once in a court room.. it was a “hate crime.”

In honor of DJ I commend the friends out there today, who our out in compassion, and have a little bit of fact to share today.  It says nowhere in the US Constitution that the Federal government has any right to say who and who cannot get married.

Separation of Church and State, or FREEDOM OF RELIGION.  How bout – yo Fed get the hell out of my God blessed church!  And yo!  I’m an American, I don’t got no damn right in hell to tell someone else how to run their church, unless it’s impeding on my responsibility to run my own.

Last brutal thoughts – I love my brothers and sisters fighting for equality.  In my faith we respect freedom of worship.  There’s no Baha’i marriage of gay people, but that doesn’t mean someone cannot have their own marriage with their own church, in fact that is their right by God.  So keep it up! Equality is paramount and our world has had issues, violent issues with our relationship to sex, LGBT, and love period.

I personally believe this issue, though important, to be completely driven by special interests to divide people by lines of MISSCOMMUNICATION. If we were real about marriage equality we’d just enforce separation of Church and State… since that’s out of the dialogue I see and we’re still pandoring to the State for shtuuuuf they have no jurisdiction to give us or have, I am doubly oponionated that this effort is not complete… and possibly not timely.

1/3 American children are on food stamps. We have an impending economic crash, every day 200 species go extinct, and we’re looking at 10,000,000 of environmental refugees within the forseable future. There’s a war in Syria brewing with global players already involved, Iranian Guardsman and Russians troops and US money.

I realllly hate to say it but can we prioritize? I can’t stand the videos of young men in Syria suffocating from poisonous gas, to see young children shot up, bloodied, and to know 1/2 of all our food is thrown the hell away.  We as movement makers need to help steer the discourse.  Let’s do it responsibly, Separation of Church and State, solidarity to common efforts of equality, let’s love humankind as one family and do away with the man.

pros Jenna Pope!

Naked in Truth

Today I had a breakdown… attempting to share information to the layperson, who I am but cannot understand in the slightest except the hints of eye contact on the subway…

Became totally frustrated, shared in rhyme, not exactly perfect but fairly good I gotta say, because it’s true, Cyprus is about to bust, kids younger than us are getting gassed in Syria, North Korea’s doing military drills, and thousands are homeless still after Sandy and we’re all fine and dandy on our Bookfast searching for another grand to bag another grahm of whatever soul Siriene.
… I broke down. started drowning the syllabulz coming from the bubbling fumbling facts that my friends who went to Iraq did so for nothing. And any time I tried something I was torn down, but finally had the strength to utter some words of truth, because i went to some friend’s church and they loved God and so did I and I do and I will forever, and I work to His Will and surrender and don’t care if im naked!  I’m naked before the Creator, Him, Her, Whateverisbeyondourlimitedconceptionofanythingcapableofmakingourearthshakinglifetakingmakingcultivatingholygloryofembodyment!


And I broke down. I broke down, to share something. To share desperate love and care and heart felt tearing and worry that the people I was looking at in the subway may die in a few days, months, or couple of years, because we pretended like in the Titanic that this whole things totally running gooooood.


Check under the hood. SEE THiNGS AS THEY ARE. 1/2 our food is thrown out before it’s loaded into the WHole foods truck, then we buy it and throw out another .40% to cuck it and lock it while 1/3rd of our american children are on EBT, truely independent dependency, the rest of the worlds a greater mess BECAUSE WE BROKE OUR COVENANT


EXemplified by the blood drenched ground from the First Nations that HELPED US FOUND THIS NATION.  There are Two Roads! Two Rows. And that is it! Our relationship with God, the blessed spots shall give us strength, but the covenants made of the past will not go un made they will be repaid. I shall, regardless of hell or high water or trickledown hypocritical I’m a lyrical satiracle self made embarassment martyr for all eternity I still have Faith that if I screw up, I’ll learn something more than if I had tried to eat a buck. Love and God’s gudance is luck. I trust in Him and no sucker…. runnin my stupid marioteachiestyping blogger platter


I love you all and I don’t matter!  We’re all made out of matter! sun dust, mud, twigs, and blod, running currents, and the ground we walk on is covered in blood sacrificed for greed, gold, an extra high fraternal mold.  families fending off killer black mould. crops getting ground down by invasive insects from the south, makin kindlin out of the forests we died for. this is not how I will go out…. living in doubt, swallowing the truth with a blue pill, disempowered ground down…. And NYC showed me, after I totally broke down and made a sceene, wondering if the pain would ever be stopped by brothers and sisters on the same train… if I was alone besides with God, if I was simiply to give up on the family. I was given the greatest nonverbal communicae scene beyond any dream and it ate me up wholy making me cry more roaringly


i love youall… Will you join me going down the Mahicantuck, from Albanaichland to Mannahattan, blood tying us to the land, the global DNA convergance. the Covenant shall be replanted, revived, reignighted with the flame of love, even if it is a handful… even if the seeds on May 1st be nothing but a sample…. The Dutch came for just “a little bit of land, for a few seeds” and the steeds mounted up the slave ships of greed and built every stone we see…


in 10 years, with this technology what will our covenent bring.  Whatever our Covenant B.