Astrid vs. Remember The Milk: The Great Transition to Taskwarrior

So Astrid wins… why? Cuz it’s open source and has a wordpress plugin.  Eat it Remember The Milk.  I love you guys, but open source your stuff and you’ll have a userbase that isn’t just grandmas and computer illiterate consumers… tried to contact ya’ll and ya’ll talk about open source, but have yet to embody it at all. Gotta give u a hard time 😛

If ya’ll integrate with Taskwarrior that’ll be divine, cuz that’s what we’re working on for the Public Servant jive, for open movement beehive dynamics can endure the crash of the Titanic on our mighty shore.

Any JS people please chime in.  Taskwarrior integration with the Meteor Nation is something not to have patience waitin for. We’re building it faster than Stephen Shore can shoot a 5×4


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