White Privlidge: Part 1

This will become more developed over time, and is far from organized, but from the heart.  Thought to share this after seeing several people comment on my wall and suggest that I had forgotten about being a white privileged male.

Biggest issue that roughs me up is that I am working tirelessly on new economies, that are made NOT to regurgitate the old patterns, but to overcome them… but because I look white, my efforts are not “legitimate”, literally reinforcing and disempowering me to achieve my mission.  When it comes to matters of Spirit, community, fulfillment, culture, and long term survival I honestly believe white people are underprivlidged… this economy’s totally screwed, it aint goina last.  Hard workin, community strengthened, open minded, faithful people will do great as the world changes… but if we missidentify privlidge then we’re done

To me white privlidge is every single American, consuming inordinate amounts of petrolium, pointing fingers at completely irrelivant differences, and ignoring what binds us all together.  It doesn’t matter what color I am, it is the quality of my heart.  I wish to purify it for the betterment of humanity…. if I labeled for being ignorant of my temporal privilege, then I would like to know what a privlidged white man should do.

Should we not struggle to break the mould, should we not Occupy Wall Street, should we not advocate for First Nation’s sovereignty, should we not put our education to enhancing local farming resilience, should we not investigate criticism within our community

Or should we protect the mould, advocate for Wall Street, should we shit on First Nation’s sovereignty, use our education for global domination and weaponry, should we make fun of liberals investigating their “identity”

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