Seed of a pheonix

Spiritually spiritually blind wont believe it

Materially conscious cant see it… flameś surroinding our days

children bleedin, bombs beating into homes and drones people popin pills to get dom, domino crosseyed white man cultural bingo, stagnation ego –

CISPA censored lingo, only way to bring down the showś to flow

wagin peace harmony louder than intelectual hot air blow… genocide of indigenous by gringos

quien somos, ojos abiertos, quein tiene corazones fuertos, esponol quebrado… nueva lengua nacioooooo de tio, reclamar la Cree, Cherokee, Lakota no via la mota, consciencia clara, como agua

agua esta vida… Dia de Dios bea real thing, Kings be the universal teaching sacrificing, Christ, Buddha, Bahaullah, White Buffalo Woman singing truth to the inner soul of us all

Let the walls fall, grow food and defend the small, little ones, children shot the fuck up by guns, IF WE DONT STAND STRONG, then who else will


Homeland Security is a private company, not even military industrial complexity.  The largest amunitions purchase in fucking history!  XLPipeline a tickin time bomb of Carbon, with the same Roman, old, white, child molesting global ruling class clashing and bashing down, the fellow woman child man… LOOK AT THE LAKOTA MAN, THE GENOCIDED LAND, THE ECOCIDE PLAN.  BE STRONG. CHANT

Our weapons are truth, not the rant

Our resources are community, humility, DIVINITY!

Protect the Grandmothers, Apitoina, LiiiiiiiiiLA!  Chanupa va a ensenar las, y los, somoś unidos! La problema esta de la alma, la cultura materialista gringa

785-393-2109- TIM ROBBINSON – ethical students –

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