Waging Peace: Reclaiming the Music

Tired man, listenin to my fello man, hittin his head on the wall street pavement

brave beravement, sself distructive entrapment… seein whats wrong in the world

medicine hurl, purgin the virial, white man, cereal genocidal burn the fucking universeś last mile for a ficade smile and temporary fuck, peackock bluff good luck smoke and mirror mix up cross eyed masqito hive of brown black smoke stacks killin children, blowing off limbs after the reverbirating of our lower nature…

the youth aware, unafraid, but regurgitatin the violence state… waging peace cant come too late… in a world so confused I wonder and hesistate, is this disease something I create?  yes and no… but I wonder, if itś absolutely my fault… thats the kind of sad indoctrination weŕe taught…. dudes up on top, penatrating mother earth with a cop batton, destroying Baha-u-llahś blessed spot.  Desacrating and it seems everyoneś caught… in the vortex of idle thought

But the youth are vipers for thought, striking and searching silently under the swampage page age of deranged antisagacity mastery catastrophy… only to have one last hurdle… MASTER THE WRATH AND BREATH

We exist for eternity.  be as a Buddha drinking the deamon blood skull with Dharma sward two those hell bent to devolve.  Punishment by enlightenment is not physical, itś Spiritual.  Not retributive but ameliorative etherial.


Brothers and sisters, can we please change the chants to harmonious rap, heavy metal sonic boom traps for poor souls in this realm, chanel our anger into strenth to change the DUR into URNHUUUUU!

Dont be destroyed, your body is not a toy… this is not a story… collapse comes from our lack of connection to the ALL GLORRYYYUS IN US

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