Coopting Fair Elections… So It’s Actually Fair

CapitolThe last month I’ve helped organize the “Money Out/Voters In” “Fair Elections NY” campaign.  All I’ve noticed, is how deeply eroded the activist community has been, and how trapped in the Machiavellian distraction we have become.  Occupy provided such a fresh wind of truth, of impossible to coopt energy… but now that we’re all struggling to feed ourselves, any trickle of resources from any entity threatens to deeply corrupt our precious community.

That cooption is happening in this Fair Elections issue, which is so important and a bit of a no-brainer.  We need clean elections, the issue matters.  But we’re being distracted by it.  There’s no dialogue about the MOST important issues, like TPP corporate takeover of the US sovereignty, the 600+ TRILLION dollar derivatives bubble that’s about to burst,

Here’s a video of how the Fair Elections Bill is nothing but a



The list of celebrities who daily add their name to the BDS Movement continues to grow worldwide. Never before, however, has one person created such a ‘fuss’ by doing so. It has been truly a low blow to the foundations of zion as never seen before as Stephen Hawking joined that eminent list.
Netanyahu even found it necessary to comment in the Jerusalem Post
“He should investigate the truth, he is a scientist. He should study the facts and draw the necessary conclusions: Israel is an island of reason, moderation and a desire for peace.”
PM says Hawking needs to study facts about Israel

‘Post’ catalyst for Cambridge retraction over Peres parley pullout.

Stephen Hawking

BEIJING/LONDON – Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu slammed Prof. Stephen Hawking for joining the boycott against Israel and cancelling plans to attend President Shimon Peres’s conference next month, saying…

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Waging Peace: What Really Hurts

WILL ADD IMAGES AND MAKE A VID… just have to share this now


Above and beyond the 190+ self immolating Tibetan youth of our age

beyond the videos of young Syrian’s suffocating from gas

beyond my Lakota brother’s and sister’s facing violence back in Pine Ridge for raising the flag on the genocide of the people

beyond the 200+ species we lose a day

beyond the ratcheting of air, land, and meritime military weaponry around Syria

beyond the rampant waste

beyond the denial that something is gravely wrong

beyond the bee collapse


what hurts most? the inner dissunity within so called people of peace, and the little that is known of the bright future of humanity.  our destiny, and the collective lack of will to arise to our noble, glorious, and holy station in the universe.

Heck yeah! Facebook’s Open Compute Project is making an open source switch


The Open Compute Project, which Facebook launched a little more than two years ago, has decided that utterly disrupting the server and storage market isn’t enough. On Wednesday, it said it would solicit input on an open source top-of-rack switch.

The project, in a presentation by Frank Frankovsy at Interop, said it was taking a slightly different tack with its design, deciding to get input from others before actually making and releasing the hardware to the community. However, just because the hardware isn’t designed yet, Facebook isn’t going to twiddle its thumbs for a traditional multi-year design cycle. Frankovsky told me in an interview that he expects the hardware to b out in 9 to 12 months.

“We have built these islands of openness in the data center but the last element, and the one that was connecting the compute and storage, was the network,” said Frankovsky. “And there is…

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Blitz for Finance Reform in NY – Help Needed

…and loved 🙂

Currently setting up websystem, livestream, in/outreach.  Here’s an article about the issue, the bill etc – all the relevant links.

If ya’d be down to help please let me know! Just tweet @tedwardhall or bookfacemssg or comment.