Waging Peace: What Really Hurts

WILL ADD IMAGES AND MAKE A VID… just have to share this now


Above and beyond the 190+ self immolating Tibetan youth of our age

beyond the videos of young Syrian’s suffocating from gas

beyond my Lakota brother’s and sister’s facing violence back in Pine Ridge for raising the flag on the genocide of the people

beyond the 200+ species we lose a day

beyond the ratcheting of air, land, and meritime military weaponry around Syria

beyond the rampant waste

beyond the denial that something is gravely wrong

beyond the bee collapse


what hurts most? the inner dissunity within so called people of peace, and the little that is known of the bright future of humanity.  our destiny, and the collective lack of will to arise to our noble, glorious, and holy station in the universe.

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