Coopting Fair Elections… So It’s Actually Fair

CapitolThe last month I’ve helped organize the “Money Out/Voters In” “Fair Elections NY” campaign.  All I’ve noticed, is how deeply eroded the activist community has been, and how trapped in the Machiavellian distraction we have become.  Occupy provided such a fresh wind of truth, of impossible to coopt energy… but now that we’re all struggling to feed ourselves, any trickle of resources from any entity threatens to deeply corrupt our precious community.

That cooption is happening in this Fair Elections issue, which is so important and a bit of a no-brainer.  We need clean elections, the issue matters.  But we’re being distracted by it.  There’s no dialogue about the MOST important issues, like TPP corporate takeover of the US sovereignty, the 600+ TRILLION dollar derivatives bubble that’s about to burst,

Here’s a video of how the Fair Elections Bill is nothing but a

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