Enough to make a sane man wana do a sacrifice
self immolate percolate
till the unawake hesetate
stop perpetratin penetrating mass destruction p wave eartquakin
out of every wake and bake
drink till it’s too late
oudalescent perpetual state
we’re all fascinated with flirting with death
not the hard core kind, 
the type one experiences at rest
Wish I could connect my chest to a amplified heart beat fest
and listen to myself die
trade my own imperfect eye to wake up another million to why
our own lazy selfish desire
will leave us enmired
nbody will wake up till they see another white man devowered
by self immolation shower
but I know that wont do no fukin good
know that such thoughts are an exact replica of the colonial self destroying hood
roman empire cookin 21century bluffin
wonder if every blunt I smoked caused how many thousands to choke
thats why I freaked out the most
that’s why I wanted to jump off buildings
cuz my name is Ted and there’s a website that seems to have some kinda portal to my head
Kurzweil is dead

If Shit Goes Down

If shit goes down:
  • Facts
  • Global cyber war
  • Global military war
  • Yemen, Libya, Syria 
  • Global civil unrest
  • Turkey protests
  • Brazil protests
  • Indigenous of North America Paramlitary Training
  • Veterans of the US/
  • Oath Keepers
  • 600 Trillion – 2 Quadrillion $ Derivatives “timebomb”
  • Major Scenarios to account for Global Summit
  • Economic Meltdown
  • Cut off Internet
  • Armed Conflict