99% vs 1% = FAIL: Why We Lose if We Don’t Unify

Why do I say this?

First constitutional laws in Europe – Magna Carta – began with “The People” allying with the “barons” who realized the King was completely off his rocker and failing as a ruler.

  1. Division = weakness
  2. Unity = power
  3. Accuracy = effectiveness

The actual parasites that we all are the hosts of are beyond any tax bracket!

Those most affected by this host of parasitic elite hyper hoarders, which are nothing more than a reflection of our human collective lack of enacted principles, have been and continue to be the Indigenous Peoples of America and the World.  Some 19,000,000 – 100,000,000 First Nations peoples of the American continents were systematically genocided in the name of greed (estimates by Colonists – First Nations respectively).  To put that in perspective, the estimates of the Holocaust against the Jewish people range from 91 – 12,500,000 (estimates by Nazis – Jewish people respectively).  Beyond the numbers of indigenous peoples who were viscously tortured and killed are the number of sacred practices lost and languages extinguished.  In the region that the United States inhabits we have extinguished over 100 languages, and we will destroy more…  Planet wide, as a species, we’ve committed suicide to 3000 of our 6000 languages – an event that will go down in history as one of the greatest extinctions ever. The following video is what modern genocide looks like, perpetrated by the United States, her citizens, and against the Lakota speaking people.  The Lakota genocide complaint against the US is being investigated by the United Nations human rights division, as you read this.  The Lakota Grandmothers stated, that they are the canary in the coal mine of humanity… if they go, all of us go.  So please watch and see how the Lakota Grandmother’s words really ring true.

And why are we (non indigenous)? The same reason our ancestors did, in the name of easy money for the elite hyper hoarding, and our participation in the delusional wish of “someday maybe” becoming an elite hyper hoarder or our delusional acceptance of in being “victims” of the parasitic elite hyper-hoarder order!

We cannot become rich by hoarding, and we cannot be liberated by labeling ourselves as victims… everything comes from inner wealth, and these poor elite hyper hoarding parasites are so spiritually screwed we should have pity on them, as well as trust that God is the fiercest of avengers…. These parasitic elite hyper hoarders are not done yet though with genociding thousands of nations over the last hundred years, they are preparing to poison our food, destroy the planetary biosphere, commodity our water, increase generic drug prices, and lock down our planetary communications through the Trans Pacific Partnership

So what do we do?  Have mercy on the parasitic hyper hoarding elite and tell them they are killing themselves and others and must stop. We, the 99%, MUST ally with the 1% who are drinking the hyper-hoarding coolaid and beckon them to enjoy more lightened drinks, like raw juices from our local farms, urban farms and reservations.

We must move wealth to where it will best serve humanity, the Lakota/Lenape/First Nations of America canary in the coal-mine for humanity, and stop this crazy machine of greed dead in it’s tracks with new systems…  new systems that empower youth… We’ll be forever fighting symptoms if we do not make a concerted effort, every one of us, to give youth the skills they need – the 1% and the 99%.  If we stay stuck fighting, we’re just going to go down with the backwards and maladaptive traits of humanity that are dying in this era… if we divorce ourselves from the “1%” and swallow the poison pill of the media that cuts off the downtrodden from their historic allies (the underclass of the parasitic elite hyper hoarders), as is the case with the Magna Carta, then we can actually secure our collective survivability.  We must become beacons of resilience, spiritual, physical, social and environmental resiliance.  We must reclaim the planet.

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