Censorship on Sugarhill

Guess what happened after I posted a silly, but mildly insightful update about BookFace’s conspiring with totalitarian police forces to censor citizen activists….



And why?


and when I tried to share this hilariously ironic exchange with Roger Berkowits and other heroic keepers of Hannah Arendt’s historic, but now cutting edge, deconstruction of totalitarianism annnnd… THIS HAPPENED


Just a day in the life of Tedward Hall and probably most people who give a damn

such is the burden of today 🙂   I like weight lifting, how bout you?  Glad I’m born in America, God bless this nation… as we smother out the last banal breaths of the Samiric miráge plugging the human family… the front lines are within (ie our own minds and hearts)

Red Skin -> Red Kin

In response to the brave and inspiring work of Kevin Gover and First Nation’s peoples leaders who have finally opened the eyes of America to unbearable shames of historic and ongoing colonization and empire.

These documentaries put history into perspective and dispel the lie “it’s in the past”.  Genocide, is alive and well, and every US tax dollar fuels it at home and abroad.