Invitation to Empower Youth & Build Community

Junior Youth

Nothing fancy 🙂  This curriculum in inspired by the Colombian FUNDAEC organization for Science and Agriculture – and the holy writings of all traditions.  If you’re 10-15 or know someone who is or would like to see more teens arise to defend the environment, stand for justice, build peace, and selflessly educate the whole of humanity, let me know! Here’s a video of the effort in action – worth skimming at least

It’s a program all over the world, and 100+ young adults like myself are lighting the fire here in NYC, in every borough.  On Wednesday we have a regular training.  No doubt, the animating influence of this program will bring in a new culture to NYC, slowly and steadily, a culture of global consciousness and social action for the benefit of all.  It is my greatest honor to be involved in it and I cannot help but share it with friends 🙂

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