White Supremacy aint the same as “racism”

Just as using heroine aint the same an “addiction”… just as cancer aint the same as “sick”… White supremacy aint the same as “racism”.  when you have cancer you say, “oh I’m not feeling well” to keep people form being uncomfortable.. that’s what racism is these days. The word is thrown around like news of a flue epidemic when we have a life threatening illness called white supremacy in this country.  We’re in denyal and those who are assaulted by white supremacy can’t say a thing in this PC culture that can get them killed or lose their job.

I hope this article title isn’t too provocative, and I’m sorry for the continuing injustice within America perpetrated systematically against anyone who isn’t white, and especially Native Americans. One may ask what does this white kid know about this, he’s got no right.. my family members have been assaulted by this disease of racism, and I don’t need to go into it publicly, perhaps over coffee, with people who care.  But anyone who’s judging me for being white on this topic is just coughing that cold of racism, without covering their mouths, and being completely ignorant of the absolutely disgusting and debilitating mental disease of white supremacy and is not interested in correcting the problem or equipped to, and may better serve humanity just sitting this fight out because they actually are feeding off petty conflicts that lead to the ultimate disease. 

With this limited language, and infantile American culture, when anyone speaks about racism, it’s interpreted multiple ways that tend to limit any attempt to actually correct what the speaker is trying to address.   To fight racism we need to be precise and let go of the caveman mentalities and institutions that just inflame every problem. 

For the white listener, when they hear “racism” they think about school songs and coloring books and Malcolm Gladwell studies and some pant over heroic pictures of MLK and an even fewer get a little peved and clench their fist thinking of Malcolm X, and wish they were black…  and some white people think, “This is WHITE AMERICA, and this government iz brainwashin our kids to love these N*GG*RS, I’m sick of seeing poor white people scraping what they can off food stamps and every black woman getting fat welfare checks off our hard earned bucks that fall through the cracks.. if we don’t stop this we goin lose this country our family died for! And those Mexicans! They eatin up every tax dollar and ain’t painin NOTHIN into the system! It’s SICK!”

When people of color talk about racism, I have a feeling they’re trying to communicate (in the only way that the hyper PC babyish prodominant white culture can even fake to hear) the white supremacy that’s polluted the atmosphere of the American consciousness.  Sure, racism is the generic thing we’re addressing here, but again we need to be precise.  It’s the lack of precision that leads self sacrificing white people to get all pissed and talk about “reverse racism”, which to people of color means “I’m a little emotional turd who can’t handle a teaspoon of the bitter reality” that they drink gallon by gallon every day for generations.  There’s no such thing as “reverse racism”, there’s just racism and white supremacy, one’s like a cold and the other is tuberculosis… if your not strong enough to treat it and complain about someone coughing on you, then get out or at least know how to stand by Spirit and reason and enjoy the test. 

I’m still tustling to figure out how to really challenge White Supremacy and find myself woefully under equipped, but willing.  Especially for our Native American friends who are starved, assaulted, and drugged by every white supremacist message shared on our TVs and Churches.  I can only think that empowering youth to combat racism at school is the way forward, and public acts of justice to leverage that lesson – changing the “Washington Redskins” to the Washington Wassicu or something like this – really for some healing for our Native American adult friends, and for the learning of those who still got growing minds and hearts… cuz anyone over 15 is basically stuck in their trajectory… they will not reform much

Pardon the rant put does this make sense? Anyone have experience lancing the boil of white supremacy from anyone? In really challenging it?  God willing we could replace it with white humility…  We can’t forget the history of self sacrifice that white people in America have shown… and it cannot stop if we are to finally shed this blood parasite that completely weakens this great Nation from it’s true destiny.  I pray we get up with vigour and shake it off.  I know we can

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