Poem for Hopi Land: All People’s Land


the last place my Grandfather – Edward T Hall Jr – took photographs … before he had his stroke, caused by trying to translate… the most civilized cultures to the American vulture… that could be an Eagle, if it lived by it’s principle… given by the Onondaga elder’s who’s wisdom via Peace Keeper is invincible

Hopi land is rich, rich with true wealth, tradition, language that will give life after the ice caps melt, that’ll help all the lost people, stay upright. keep love in the heart – we’re together, one family, all sides of Mother Earth, where it’s light and where its night

The only thing worth abandoning, is the lower materialistic self and BIA unhealthy help that prays off our missed prayers, dawn sun reunion stairs, trust the Haudenosaunee door keepers and their belts, for the US bells n whistles that are disguised pistols and missing missile pixel thistles needing brain surgery from medicinal spiritual journeys that require multigenerational learning curves and non english words to break it’s absurd spell in the downward spiral.

Keep the language strong, let it grow, because it’ll come in handy when the second dust bowl hits the West Coast, and millions will start comin through in droves, wishin they we’re on the Two Row wampum boats, unable to float on the broken McGiver skills given through radio wave lines, nothing can compare to the traditional wisdom keepers who never compromised.

your beautiful culture is keeping the people of our Mother planet alive – diversify, spiritualize, serve life… all I know is it’s time for human union, so let’s get some more fry… bread … 😛


4 thoughts on “Poem for Hopi Land: All People’s Land

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  2. Powerful words for these our postmodern days of tribulation. Beautiful photag as well. I live with the Standing People and I know well the Lands of the Hopi. Blessings be upon thee.
    Nice site. I’ll be back.

    • @donzo442 – grattitude to thee for blessings and encouragement, which inspires me to keep at it continually! Ya got any links of what ya do? There more to share on FB and Tweetr.. Reddit, but best stuff is face to face. Much love to you, 1 human race

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