Clearing the Air – Regrets from Occupy, Lessons Learned, and Next Steps

this is Eric, one of the best friends I made during Occupy… he was 17 or 18 years old… this picture was taken around Sept 4th, 2011.


This is Eric again, two weeks later, at Liberty Plaza with two 250+ lb police who threw him over their shoulders onto the stone floor – the birth place of the American Revolution… he was sitting on top of a tarp, protecting livestream and internet gear which the NYPD were attempting to expose to the rain

Here is a video of Eric on that same day –

Another video with a better view, including one of my other best new friends Jason Ahmadi, who was bleeding from being arrested on Liberty Ave for assembling in public –

Here is a video of the NYPD denying Eric his asthma inhaler while he was having an asthma attack – he was taken off in an ambulance shortly after –

My reaction should be a bit less out of context now… prior to freaking out at seeing the country I loved beaten in broad day light, on the very cross streets (Liberty and Broadway) where the American Revolution started and ended, on the site where the bodies of the victims of 9/11 were piled, when it’s historic name of Liberty Plaza was changed to “honor” the “developer” Zuccotti Park… which we resolved to reclaim, and were then harassed, beaten, and blocked by media for enacting our right to assemble…  The whole time I had my voice raised, reminding people who were an inch away from smashing police’s faces in for nearly breaking Eric’s head open… After people had calmed down, I was totally traumatized and could do nothing but release my outrage… and laugh at myself for sounding insane… but the attack was so insane and heart breaking… I sometimes want to apologize, but perhaps after the NYPD fire a good 2000 killer cops, terrorizing black children, patriotic citizens, and women …. It might be good to have some murderous bullies apologize first, or to at least ask God for forgiveness – because only God can have mercy on people who crap this hard on the Constitution and expect everyone else to kiss their asses.

Eric and my friends in Liberty Plaza were not the only ones … who were told to get a job and calm down as our Country and planet was being pillaged =

It’s police like this who threaten the safety of the public and the general NYPD, not citizens, standing up against an illegal 16 Trillion dollar bail out and theft of millions of homes.  I’m proud I had a melt down on Wall St… it may be the most embarrassing moment of my life… but incalculably more heroic than complacently sitting back and accepting the ass kicking that banks are giving all of our families, and all of humanity… an ass kicking fuled by the very destruction of life systems and food systems our ancestors worked tirelessly to establish and protect… and counter to everything this Nation is founded on that is good and just.  I would rather be an American melting down, than an American allowing another atrocity to be committed in their name.  My crew’s chant in Occupy was “this is just practice”… practice that moblized 3,500 cities in the world, established direct communication, cut mainstream viewership in half, called the 2012 election, will call the 2016 election, all without taking sides, or attacking an officer.  That is a miracle… and even if I’ve been denied dignified work for 4 years because of media smear… I still stand by my worst moment of my life… because all that money is ueseless compared to the true friends who are there for me and my family when the crash hits… the 700 Trillion $ bubble (according to Forbes, and zerohedge, and Bloomberg)…

No, what I DO regret in Occupy, is not shaking Bloombergs hand when he came into the Park (Bloomberg EXPOSED the bail out, I don’t agree with him 100%… but more than 1% of the time), not knowing that Dennis Kucinich had a bill to Audit the Fed, and not plugging our “demands” process into the White House “Open Petitions” that started on Sept 20th (a clear hat tip from the Executive branch.. and open source petition site!?) … I pray that such mistakes I’ve learned can be corrected with Bretton Woods IV, and the farm to State reclamation of equity based economies, alt currencies and food systems… Anyone who would like to participate – all hands on deck – just comment here of find me on FB or Twitter

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