Had To Write Series: 1

Started 2:18AM

while mentally musing about possible one world Government birth scenarios (a fusion between America… a cleaned up one, and Iran… a cleaned up one… process from both countries contributing to an autonomous executive force???? of course these are just musings)..

Anyway, while thinking of that unwieldy thought experiment, I realized that such a East and West union, fusion would greatly enhance human adaptability in the near term global warming catastrophy of corporate materialism totolitarian petroleum poltergeists of old world thought… as much of the world … COULD, become a desert, if God decides we all need to really humble ourselves aka – we refuse to acknowledge the world beyond appearance and live in the plane of sacrifice where life resurects the dead, new generations are born, and old bank notes are burned, and torn king’s thrones are resewn..?

what a droning of psudopoetic drabble.. this is why I feel it worlthess to bable on what the Manifestation of God has already said, in my life I pray to be dead in the face of such a Revelation… because thoughts like this can’t be described except in unpolished prose… I vow not to delete another voul.. vowel… how many benefitters of mankind are stymied because of an absurd, arbitrary defining of an indefinable mercantile language of English?  I digressively ingress back to the subject

in thinking up this thing.. I realized, a truth and a horrible confusion… the diverse union of humanity of America, conversing with (broke my vow, already deleted a misspelling), Iran.. and their people of the East, where it’s insante. .. insanely difficult to cultivate food (ok I have to delete somethings or I’ll never get this written)

the governing fusion of those two Nations will bring untold roots to the seed of a new uniting force for humanity, facing climate catastophy, spreading deserts… and then it came to me, how do the kooked up ISIL crew (half US, half who the hell knows, half blow back, half Saudi Arabian… who knows, possibly even alien influences… :P)  God Almighty… with global warming and a petrodollar undermining mutiny, backed by billion dollar war machinery?… practically – unlimited ??/ (for those who don’t know, Syrian rebels got their hands on 5,000 untouched Stg 44s?… Nazi Germany’s first weapon of WW2 ) http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=006_1434501359

wouldn’t global warming make such a crew feel even more empowered by God, to set up a nuclear holocaust?  who would survive the worst Global Warming fall out? But desert cultivating, culturally integrated people?  who cares what oil money these western nations have to offer… less global warming?  means more oil in the ground, good for sovereign nationalists in the middle east… who hate western corruption and domination and petrodollar stagflation *.. more global warming.. means a world where desert culture has more of a premium in terms of civilization building and survival..

Any way, that weird cognitive, terror management theory * epiphany just may be useful to any “politician” or military “tactician..”and hopefully a real empowered peace keeper…

End 2:37 (now i’m finally bored! i can sleep)

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