Dear US Trade Rep for TPP

Here is what I wrote to the US Trade Rep on the TPP via this public comment system –;D%3DUSTR_FRDOC_0001-0366#!submitComment;D=USTR_FRDOC_0001-0366

A mass of #tpptreachery tweets and comments would give a lot of steam to heroes like Lori Wallach of – below this youtube video is the very thing I am reading in video statement


As a descendant of 21 Declaration signers, an Occupy organizer, a Bahá’í

with God as witness, and the 1,354,664+ men and women that sacrificed their lives for this Constitutional Democracy as witness, and the 1,498,237+ men and women that were injured to protect this Just Government as witness… TPP is treachery… Those who contemplate empowering corporations above Nations should put the fear of God in themselves, and the fear of the mob for their families protection, and avoid being associated with this embarassing scam… treason of this magnitude belies the age we live, runs counter to evolution, blasphemes the Divine, and appeals only to liars, tyrants, and criminally minded. The TPP is dead… what will rise in it’s place? God willing something that will benefit the human race, not retard our development or throw us 1,000’s of years backwards for the benefit of a few.  What a preposterous and embarrassing moment in history

The whole world is watching.. and I bet the whole world would accept a REAL trade deal that made economic cooperation easier, secured the environment, instead of plundered it and handed the keys to 9000+ corporate theives as billions language in poverty. The Pacific Rim will be united through justice, not corruption, and the TPP will have accomplished nothing except arousing the attention of 1 billion people, to denounce this conspiracy to undermine progressive law, and replace it with something infinitely better. Thank you

Be warned, whoever touches this “deal” in the state it is in now, will be marked forever as toxic and untrustworthy – please encourage enemies of humanity to pick it up… so the public can really tell who’s trying to drag the world back into the stone age..  the corporate coup stops here

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