A Glimpse of the Global Women’s March


captured by my wife Anne Apparu-Hall in Albuquerque

posting about Women’s March moments… just feels sooo cheap on FB/Instagram/twitter.. these “social” network machines that forces us to show off that we care? It’s such a catch 22 to want to share with loved friends, but to do so in a system that harvests it all to sell/survey/and intrude our lives (seriously watch the BBC documentary Hypernormalization, it’s way worse than tailored ads) … so may as well share this on WordPress first
ANYWAY, it was beautiful to see Albuquerque show up with 10,000+ people.. more than Denver (not like it’s a competition?). Was blown away by the heartbreak, the tears shed, and the hope kindled. Women are stronger than men, it’s because men are not living their full potential, that we have this kind of ignorant weakness parading around as “strength”. That’s the real foundation of equality… when men start to reach the same level of sacrifice, will, endurance, intelligence and compassion that is so innate in the mother’s of humanity.. that’s when the game will change, and equality with reign in all fields.
sOne of my favorite quotes comes to mind “When all mankind shall receive the same opportunity of education and the equality of men and women be realized, the foundations of war will be utterly destroyed.”
I firmly believe this to be true, that it is one of the expedient paths to peace… not that women cannot be warlike, but that in general, when we see as many women as men in governments around the world (something the world sees glimmers of)… these systems of death will be destroyed… as they must, before we enter the throws of runaway climate change (the beggings of which can be seen now).

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