Hall to White: Point of Process for an Insurrection

Hall to White: Point of Process for an Insurrection (working letter 1.1)

Starting at 11:18PM, after reading through your coherent and passionate call for a process of insurrection… It seems an important duty to point out several statements made within that call, and to shine a light on another path…

My daughter is sleeping in the other room, I have work early in the morning, as does my wife.. Parental priority pushes this message to take on poetic form

to not respect grammar, lest the pith be lost in divisiveness and over supersticious perfectioninsm which drags down all life… no hestitation, but this call for awakening violence, without any consideration for the serious lessons missed on Sept 17th 2011 and beyond, is alarming

who can not prove that the rise of fascism within the states is not a direct byproduct of mob, noir garb aggressing frauds of patriots…. there is nothing in the Constitution that the right to privacy applies to public space… and a right to privacy doesn’t exist if the intention to commit a crime is present… I witnessed plenty of crimes committed in the name of Occupy… in fact there are entire films which contain my face and slander my family name with unintelligible lies, and insight violence against me… sucessfully insighted I should say

and those films, one of which was made by Bannon…

the bigotry cannon who hurled the US and is now hurling Europe into a renesainse of vitriolic racialism … to me, racism is what we must wage an insurrection against… and that starts within ourselves… how do we do that??

because if we do not truely deal with the roots within the SOUL of America and within every one of her citizens, it doesn’t matter what we do… insurrection is a disgusting word… it is an innappropriate word… how can a colony have an “insurrection”? A colony cant… a soveriegn state can.. A colony can revolt, can shed the colonial power.

But this word you use, this spirit you conjure, insurrection… is something I swear to God you are not ready to weild and have not shown a shred of responsiblity for throwing out in public the first time you called for an “occupation” … how can you not see your own hand in the rift of this Country?

America has everything it needs to progress, the will of the people is misused by misleaders like yourself. How can someone like yourself claim to be a “co-creator” of Occupy but fail to continue dialogue with those who bled for that farce of a plan to work?

I agree 99% with almost everything you write in your call for an insurrection, except the most important part, that 1% of the words you use, which communicate the spirit… and the spirit I see and hear is irresponsible and failing to take account of the past and to build with a TRUE COMMUNITY, not a Psudo community, which will only lead to more chaos…

If you call for insurrection right now, I state planeley today, all chaos sown by Occupy belongs on your hands, anny innocents who were harmed, is on you brother… because it is clear you are calling for even more chaos without doing an ounce of work to make the mistakes of Occupy something that is not the cause of suffering for innocents….

I would also go as far as to say that you are an amrchair activist. I feel you are an armchair activist I have respect for, but my heart and soul are disgusted with this call and I pray for that respect to not be tarnished, because if you persist in this call for the letting of blood, and are not ready to defend that call… against me at least… then that respect should be transmuted into an aversion

And that transformation, be it one way, or another, should be decided in public… I will not be part and party or be associated with anyone using the term insurrection…. you should think about those around you, and those you have colonized with your claim of having any leadership at all with Occupy, before raising that standard.

And I today, raise a higher standard… I know and pray we both can raise a collectively higher standard, for justice… may it be rooted in destroying the foundations of prejudice within the souls, hearts, minds, DNA, families, memories, icons, memorials, statues, clans, tribes, Nations, languages, peoples, states, religions and scientific fields and every noock and cranny of government and every molecule of ink that forms or imperfect but ever advancing laws… may our very breath affirm the union of each other’s ethnic past and future… may we be as the one tree we are, whose branches and roots form one strong whole.. and with that strength, may we honor the love in the anger you wish to channel here… because anger is what is required to topple tyranny… but violence…. is not….. most of the time

I invite you and anyone reading this, to participate in lighting of a Sacred Fire, from an ember from the Central Council Fire of Standing Rock, for Healing Prejudice and honoring treaties…