Pch* what’z this?

My name is Edward T. Hall III.  This is my project on Global Public Service.  We pay for the public service of our politicians, and they don’t do diddly squat.  At the same time, we have a tribe of self-sacrificing Global Public Servants blossoming throughout the Occupy/Global Revolution.  I write this blog from that perspective.  Check out the initial posts for information on what I mean but being a Public Servant, the theory behind it.

Through this blog you can see my involvement in the Occupy movement prior to Sept 17th.  There’s a big hiccup in the posting because I’ve suffered from a rash of unlawful arrests and beatings by the NYPD.  Please share this blog!  Mass media is a sham and circus used to blind the public.  Seek out information from the source!

Most importantly, this is an open source project.  I take all feedback and will implement it somehow.  If I do not agree, we can discuss.  It’s about building dialogue 🙂


3 thoughts on “Pch* what’z this?

  1. Hullo Ted! This is jessi from OWS. I have that video for you from the night you and that band went atop the statue on Wall Street. I’m only uploading a 20 minute video of the return to the park and the subsequent conversations etc, which I think is what you are after. If you want me to upload the chanting and such from the statue, I can do that as well.

    Below is the link to the file in my dropbox. Please download this within a week, as it’s taking up three-quarters of my space. I’m posting this link before it’s fully uploaded, so if it doesn’t work when you try it, try again in 15-30 min. It should be fine to open after 2pm, 21.12.11.

    Good luck and happy Yule!



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