Dick Cheney still pulling White House strings

My inspiring source of confusion came when the White House randomly announced a new country as a “major threat to the US”.  ¡¿Venezuela?!  Then it dawned on me when I found out, apparently, six days before this crazy announcement, Venezuela declared Bush and Cheney to be terrorists and banned them from entering Venezuela.

It just seems like another bread crumb trail leading to the rat hole, tick cave, Golem pit wherever Cheney is hiding.  Another crumb in this path to Cheney, is the unfathomable disparity between Obama’s words and the White House Policy. The one reflects a hopeful presidential candidate in 2004, and the other is nothing more than a repeat of the 2001 Bush / Cheney chaos doctrine.

““Tonight, for the first time since 9/11, our combat mission in Afghanistan is over.” These were opening words of Obama’s 2015 State of the Union address. In fact, some 10,000 troops and 20,000 military contractors (mercenaries) remain in Afghanistan on indefinite assignment.

“The longest war in American history is coming to a responsible conclusion,” said Obama. In fact, more civilians were killed in Afghanistan in 2014 than in any year since the UN took records. The majority have been killed — civilians and soldiers — during Obama’s time as president.

The tragedy of Afghanistan rivals the epic crime in Indochina. In his lauded and much quoted book,The Grand Chessboard: American Primacy and Its Geostrategic Imperatives”. – John Pilger

Then there’s the rat tail hanging out of the rat hole, masterfully detailed by Jeremy Scahill in “Dirty Wars” which details the kill list pioneered by Dick Cheyney and Donald Rumsfeld, which is has now expanded into the unconstitutional, and Geneva Convention violating drone warfare now hitting over 47 countries in the last 4 years (according to Greg Palast), which the Obama Administration has only advanced.

Oh and there’s the video of the rat going into the hole, with Wesley Clark’s explanation of the project for a New American Century… which the US eerily close to implementing.  God willing, the negotiations by the Obama Administration can release this specter of warfare that has infected America since Dick and Bush robbed the world of the United States helm in 2000 (after Gore won the popular vote, and would have won Florida had 250,000 African American voters not been illegally barred from voting).

If ya haven’t seen this video – it’s essential viewing for any lover of this Nation.  

It’s hard to believe that Dick Cheney couldn’t be the one calling the shots… he’s the one who implemented the drone kill list… when ya have the trigger, and the money, you can shoot your best friend in the face and get away with it.

What kind of people is Dick shooting with drones?  Might it not pervert any National governance and diplomacy if there was a rouge, and known, kill list being operated by an already corrupted intelligence agency, taken over by a former administration… I share to all Americans, with nothing but contempt for the disease of political parties… I am not saying Obama is a good person, or president.  I am saying that we know who began the eradication of the Constitution, and we can’t ignore it any longer, or point the finger at anyone but ourselves for letting it happen.  How do we deal with the Darth Vader now holding too much of the military contracts, and with a hand writing the kill list.

Poem for Hopi Land: All People’s Land


the last place my Grandfather – Edward T Hall Jr – took photographs … before he had his stroke, caused by trying to translate… the most civilized cultures to the American vulture… that could be an Eagle, if it lived by it’s principle… given by the Onondaga elder’s who’s wisdom via Peace Keeper is invincible

Hopi land is rich, rich with true wealth, tradition, language that will give life after the ice caps melt, that’ll help all the lost people, stay upright. keep love in the heart – we’re together, one family, all sides of Mother Earth, where it’s light and where its night

The only thing worth abandoning, is the lower materialistic self and BIA unhealthy help that prays off our missed prayers, dawn sun reunion stairs, trust the Haudenosaunee door keepers and their belts, for the US bells n whistles that are disguised pistols and missing missile pixel thistles needing brain surgery from medicinal spiritual journeys that require multigenerational learning curves and non english words to break it’s absurd spell in the downward spiral.

Keep the language strong, let it grow, because it’ll come in handy when the second dust bowl hits the West Coast, and millions will start comin through in droves, wishin they we’re on the Two Row wampum boats, unable to float on the broken McGiver skills given through radio wave lines, nothing can compare to the traditional wisdom keepers who never compromised.

your beautiful culture is keeping the people of our Mother planet alive – diversify, spiritualize, serve life… all I know is it’s time for human union, so let’s get some more fry… bread … 😛


Dear Artists and Spiritual Revolutionaries of the City: The Fate of the Nation Rests In Our Hands

We are all responsible for manifesting justice, no system can do it for us…

I just got a rattle… and a guitar… n some good writings – hope to meet others ready to eliminate this evil all togethar.  Here’s a song that’s been running in my head all day, perhaps it will come out so we can play this violence out of our city starting today, with all the enlightened phrases and collective patience and love in submission to the Unknown Above.

Here is a song of inspiration from the Badasht Project

now my little song – a play on TDE’s old crazyness

TerranceTed Tents (Play on Terrorist Threats)

Build the game, light and go

Dance up with life and make it grow

Build the game, light and go

Dance up with life and make it grow

Build the game, light and go

Dance up with life and make it grow

Build the game, light and go

Dance up with life and make it grow — growing the crop…

[Hook: Ab-Soul]

Fish fruit and stream bless the seam of time

We see the false prophecy fame to stupify

Direct the pangs of Mom’s cleansing right

We grow our Soul to end the corporate-bank-fake fight

I said We grow our Soul to end the corporate-bank-fake fight

I said We grow our Soul to end the corporate-bank-fake fight

Heron song, Heron song

Strong Spirit with ultimate warrior thong

Leaderful movement ringing the gong

And all the Ninjas crew flash mobin with Prawn

Bloody and hozed, glory bloody and hozed

If we met flows, wed have plenty rude foes

I was from the New Mex like Mad Spock

I ended up mighty against the bank stocks

Now my lifes a fun trip around cops and mobs

Bricks and clubs – plus the fame is new

Dont do drugs – God aint playin with floods, Bahaullah judgement cleansing like an ayahuasca brew

To peek through the heart sore, surrenderin darts and swords and NDAA

Before we stuffed crimes like hate,

Do we wana play hells militaray

BUT I’m rocken the patiant stance

Flames days is comin man

Tame bluffin songs with chants

That’s why I reclaimed this man

For my tribe gettin retna scanned, Stopin water from hydrofrakin scams, Alternating curency man

All I got’s a rattle

God direct me to fight Your battle

I I surrender to Thee

Future we build got not golden cattle

Fish fruit and stream bless the seam of time

We see the false prophecy fame to stupify

Direct the pangs of Mom’s cleansing right

We grow our Soul to end the corporate-bank-fake fight

I said We grow our Soul to end the corporate-bank-fake fight

I said We grow our Soul to end the corporate-bank-fake fight

Hopi still, Hopi still!

Game Peley tricks to break the deal

Respecting medicine or hell be real

Venus fly trap, pact is sealed

meditate on God’s sayns

We could break off evry chain

grow foods killin brothers pure insane

We’d cut the Bank leech bite off our play


Be open hearted like the late MLK

Don’t protect the male angray

What’s a missle vs the NRA

Yo Barack

Don’t know you liked puppet shows so im givin up sox

workin for the public like its worth something

Presidents trust them, like I do cops

It don’t change a thang, greater grows the flock

It don’t change nothing, better sow the crop

I mean buil bridges of simpler in steada richer – or the flowers stop

seeded bombs set

We’ve got progress, fools in congress

We be blessed so dopes dont protest

Trust dont bleed on our success

All I got’s a rattle

God direct me to fight Your battle

I I surrender to Thee

Future we build got not golden cattle

Fish fruit and stream bless the seam of time

We see the false prophecy fame to stupify

Direct the pangs of Mom’s cleansing right

We grow our Soul to end the corporate-bank-fake fight

I said We grow our Soul to end the corporate-bank-fake fight

I said We grow our Soul to end the corporate-bank-fake fight

Hopi Still, Hopi still

Prophesy singing is becomin real

My letter be some reclaim seal

So last not lost like common feel,

Tool ground, rain lack, no more deal?

Turqois pot for water seal

De co lo nize Itaa pakiiw

Drilling deth if no tough apintoina zeal!


Wrote by the Spirit, path of Thy way

Bulls lost God’s fight underwater days

Hopay lay play, river oley, pope pray?

Gain throu pain, mowing through change, be defamed

Loss all but legit friendship and TARP bills to strike with them, that show me how to best tend a flame

Grow the food is the prose I preach

Grow the food I ohm to see

Got a bigger hint in holdings, no wealth there – Findn pain seeds of modern slavery there – So much rude, dudes pasin as cops I see

Imprisoning brothers like a sport tally

Got a flavor stressed oppressed – Heart a beeating for their tests – See the worlds flipped to nastiness

All I got’s a rattle

God direct me to fight Your battle

I I surrender to Thee

Future we build got not golden cattle

TDE, this is the TED speakin to thee

enhance the chant so all can be free

got a white man cast to deliver the seed

Transmute oppression as spirit feed

Every test is verdant green

Bleedin the team cuz loves a sceen

One blood’s the way to defeat

Cuz meek is elite

as long as through unity and peace we speak

African american teachin true individuality … no vanity scams. The spiritual fruit from tests of prejudiced men..

How can america’s soul be whole without the endured truth ya’ll sooth.. ya’ll remind… the unified mind, it’s a garden of blooming flowers, a sky of shining stars, apearance is far from reality. Scinece of silence a remedy for the superscision bearing violence.

NYC can enchant n enhance the united Nation that we all represent with patience… let the waters rise, face it… them corporations cant push out the Washington Heights graces, UPHI unify, one in eyes, our eyes are one, alighned, alive, and died intwind around a ring, of Negro, uniting the rainbow, not the frankestine ego, a rainbo of color, around a comon iris, black and beautiful common african union, humility confusion w/ shyness, the virus is our denyal of our divine highness, bowing to his royal highness.. heynesly missing the love embracing our lowness to the Highest, remind us, You give us our pure hearts

pure hearts, God cement our hearts together

so no darts can destroy this spark

let us light the flame and breath it high

let us pray so the stars come down to the sky

to witness us fulfilling what God destined us wining

the Victoryyyyyy….

Ooooh Goddd, now is the time for steadfastnesss

Dear Louisiana Court: The whole world is watching + America’s fate rests in your hands

I called and messaged Robert P. McCulloch (prosecutor) of the Louisiana Grand Jury for the case that the whole Nation is watching.

For everyone involved – here are two sentences of supreme guidance.. and a specific guidance for us Americans, written by the Bahá’í National Spiritual Assembly of the United States

“Set before thine eyes God’s unerring Balance and, as one standing in His Presence, weigh in that Balance thine actions every day, every moment of thy life. Bring thyself to account ere thou art summoned to a reckoning, on the Day when no man shall have strength to stand for fear of God, the Day when the hearts of the heedless ones shall be made to tremble” ~ The Glory of God (Bahá’u’lláh)

A Vision of Race Unity: America’s Most Challenging Issue ~ The National Spiritual Assembly of the Bahá’í’s of the United States of 1991

May these writings provide guidance for you all, as the physical, emotional, social, and spiritual security of the Nation are rest in the balance of the work you are doing. Should political barriers debar you from implementing the healing justice, I beg of you to take personal steps in those around you to bring healing justice through avenues that can.

My prayers to you all –

Ted (Edward T Hall III), a founder/face of Occupy Wall St, Descendant of 21 Declaration Signers, Bahá’í

Scottish Independence – Reflections from a “Face of Occupy” – Edward T Hall III (Ted)

This piece offers no easy takeaway, just woven words to expand the dialogue beyond a divisive YES vs NO oversimplification in an increasingly complex and afflicted world.

Scottish Independence started 227 years ago, and it’s far from finished, far from just, far from free, far from creating the peace we all pray for.  If anyone people could genuinely motion for independence, it could not be done with a split of the mind, but of a resounding acceptance by the world… and I believe only Native Americans could/should/ARE justifiably rallying such global solidarity… Native Americans who are the victims of the European anarchy exported to this continent along with the beautiful cultural fusion, science, and religious freedom. As an American, of deep Scottish heritage, from every Tartan imaginable, with ancestry traceable to the clans of the King of Scot’s, I feel it my duty to raise my voice and say that on this topic of a #postoccupy shift, that it is not just Americans who benefit from the continued genocide of Native peoples and any who consider independence should remember:

decolonization begins in America, is not political, but spiritual, and it is the duty of all European Nations to work with their orphaned brothers and sisters of the United States, a Nation of downtrodden, unwanted, and enterprising souls, to work with them to decolonize their own minds and country, support the surviving Native Nations in avoiding extinction, and to exorcize the phantom of war from America’s soul… the horror of wielding the most grotesque of military weaponry with a collective mind cleft asunder by partisan politics, a body with unprecedented corruption coursing through it’s veins, and a heart stained by the worst disease of racism.

All civilized Nations today, those who will be immortalized by the memory of all our descendants, and favoured by God, will be those that arise for the triumph of peace… This requires a world embracing vision, not a prison of Nationalism.  As one of the many founders of Occupy, as a fellow conceived in Scotland, as an American descendant of 21 Declaration Signers (all Scotsmen), and as a Bahá’í…I can only warn the beloved people of Scotland to “avoid politics like the plague” “cleave unto peace” and reflect upon that which will heal the planet which should be regarded as the body of the human family. Yes… the Crown threatens to frack the Commonwealth without limit… but without the Scots, who don’t want fracking, who will stop her?  Yes we all want to reap the benefits of domestic oil, but look at what this mentality is doing to America’s water and health? Does this not fly in the face of the message of the self sacrificing Native decolonizers who are risking their lives to stop the petrolium carnage in their stolen territories? Territories stolen primarily from refugee Scotsmen?

We are one people living in a moment when the following 150 year old statement, or revelation by Bahá’í standards, rings more true than ever

“At present no day passeth without the fire of a fresh tyranny blazing fiercely, or the sword of a new aggression being unsheathed. Gracious God! The great and the noble in Persia glory in acts of such savagery that one is lost in amazement at the tales thereof.”

I feel it is important that those of us of Scotland not fall into this same story, as the United States, the young Nation born of Scottish minds of the Enlightenment, who we’re inspired by germ conceived by Muhammadan pioneering universal mathematics that took hold in West… can we think of another movement for independence while this first attempt, that is United States, is yet to be completed, and has left nothing but carnage in it’s wake, is drone striking 74+ countries right now, has nothing to show for its two most recent wars built upon deceit in the Middle East except having given birth to another more ugly monster ISIL, and stands as the primary perpetrator of global warming?

The only question any nation should be asking is how it will bring peace to this world, and my beloved friends and family of Scotland, I am afraid we are the ones who must stop.  Stop and begin to reflect upon how we can act in a good way, and I don’t think this can be done by votes… but resolving to end the reactionary, insular, immature politics that has already lead to such ruin and with our prayers, thoughts, words, actions, resolve engaged to the utmost, we must manifest in every family, community and town, the unified action to stop this war machine that now threatens to consume the planet.

May we become the exponents of peace, may we strive at all times to raise up the nobility of man, and avoid the snare of politics, nor be limited by Nationalism.


Those who love the world, when looking to decolonize, will look first to the most oppressed victims of it, the Natives of Americans, who have survived the boot of white pride.  May Scotland help manifest the interdependence needed today.  My prayers to them all, no matter what the vote turns out to be.  Either a United Kingdom or Independent Scotland will do the work, but the vote will be forgotten in the glory of those who surrender the vain sovereignty of titles for the immortal glory of peacekeeping at this critical hour.

– ted aka (White Buffalo of the Lakota Nation, Karma Kuhnken Jugne of the Tibetan Nation, Shaggy of the 6 Nations)

PS. Wake up, we are one, time to stop acting like children and have some serious fun getting serious stuff done – props to Russell Brand, we’re probably related… cuz our ancestors inbred like Pharoic rabitz n couldn’t find no place to go but across a godforsaken ocean, over n out

Prayers for Robbin Williams

He’s movin on 🙂  and every prayer we share will help him along on the path back to the Creator.

We love him and all his glorious work. Please share other prayers if you have any!  This one feels right to me.  From ‘Abdu’l-Bahá, who taught about the hidden gifts in suffering, as pain causes us to grow, and to become detached and come closer to God.  He did not mean the monastic kind of pain, but the out in the field of life pain, and the pain of artists such as Robbin, is so valuable, may we no longer lose such gifts to mankind, and value their sacrifice in teaching all of us the joy’s of life.

O my God!  O Thou forgiver of sins, bestower of gifts, dispeller of afflictions!

Verily, I beseech thee to forgive the sins of such as have abandoned the physical garment and have ascended to the spiritual world.

O my Lord!  Purify them from trespasses, dispel their sorrows, and change their darkness into light.  Cause them to enter the garden of happiness, cleanse them with the most pure water, and grant them to behold Thy splendors on the loftiest mount.”


Riham Said removing veil in front of Cleric Yousuf Badri on Egyptian TV

The following video of Riham Said removing her veil in front of Cleric Yousuf Badri, and the clash that ensued on Egyptian TV, reminded me of ‘Abdu’l-Bahá’s quote on the root cause of wrongdoing. The video is revealing… no pun intended.  It highlights topics, that as a white man, I cannot discuss, so I’m going to at least open the conversation 😉  It reminds me of claimed “divines” in the US who preach Christ’s Holy Gospel but are calling for holy war against Islam… it’s easy to see the “fierce Hell.. fiery abyss… unsound evil” within Cleric Yousuf Badri, and it pains the soul to see such confusion… and it inspires those with open eyes, to see Riham Said kicking some but with the “tools of perception and knowledge” that Abdu’l-Bahá talks about in the following quote.

“The root cause of wrongdoing is ignorance, and we must therefore hold fast to the tools of perception and knowledge. Good character must be taught. Light must be spread afar, so that, in the school of humanity, all may acquire the heavenly characteristics of the spirit, and see for themselves beyond any doubt that there is no fiercer Hell, no more fiery abyss, than to possess a character that is evil and unsound; no more darksome pit nor loathsome torment than to show forth qualities which deserve to be condemned.”

(“Selections from the Writings of ‘Abdu’l-Bahá”, Sec. 111) pp. 136–37) [40]

Biointensive Raised Beds

Some resources I found useful.

This video series kicks butt

The stages of soil preparation are visible here.


This no till tetris game from hell takes about 2 times as much work to prepare the soil 😉

but it requires almost no weeding maintenance and results in 4x the productivity of normal raised beds. This book “El Huerto Sustentable” goes into great detail. It takes about 2 hours reading to really get the core of it. Image


Celebrating New Years and Imani with Queen Mother

It was a wonderful day of wonderful work on a wonderful holiday with wonderful people.  The following is the exact language of Queen Mother drafted to the new Mayor de Blasio in PDF form that will also be directed to the Pope and other leadership, regarding not leaving anyone behind in 2014 – be it New York or anywhere in the world


Queen Mother Dr. Delois Blakely
Community Mayor of HarlemAmbassador of Good will to Africa
New Future Foundation Int.
477 W142 st Ste. 2
New York, NY 10031
Re: No New Yorker Left Behind


Mayor Bill de Blasio
City Hall
New York, NY 10007

Dear Mayor Bill de Blasio


Congratulations on your inauguration as the 109th mayor of this Most Great City of New York. With 55 years of devoted service to this city, Queen Mother Dr. Delois Blakely regrets that this was the first inauguration she had to miss. Due to urgent matters of protecting her 30 year strong, self organized and repaired community building in Harlem, to ensure safe living conditions with heat and hot water, struggling in the dead of winter in a now 11 year long battle in the Court System against predatory lending and mortgage fraud against the HDFC (Housing Development Fund Corporation) low income housing which took decades to secure, Queen Mother was not able to attend.

After just returning from a trip to China, as part of her global investigation for best practices to solve this injustice of inadequate shelter for the poor and powerless, Queen Mother had to recuperate for the long fight ahead, to keep the community building which she secured for other single mothers with handicapped and special needs individuals. Refusing to succumb to the devastation offered through institutions, and arising to provide a working community based solution through cooperative housing earned with sweat and sacrifice, continuing her vow of poverty after becoming a nun within the Convent of New York, dedicating her Harvard, MIT, and Columbia degrees as a champion for global issues that are local, walking untold miles between Harlem to the UN, answering public officials, speaking with world leaders, and living with the people she serves, she has become an icon living between the Two Cities. Earning one dollar a year, she knows how to survive, and is preparing for the next court date on Jan 3rd at the New York State Supreme Court. The attention and participation of the Mayor’s Office, to ensure this heroine is not left in glamor of public words but honored with good deeds, will help this Most Great City advance.

With prayers for this city to realize it’s true potential,

Queen Mother Dr. Delois Blakely

Community Mayor of Harlem & Ambassador of Good Will to Africa


Enclosures: 2


Enclosure 1. Queen Mother Moor with Nelson Mandela and Queen Mother Blakely (1990 in South Africa after Mandela’s release in the presidential office)

Queen Mother Moor - Nelson Mandela - Queen Mother Blakely


Enclosure 2. Queen Mother Blakely with Edward T Hall III celebrating the New Year and Imani with Anne Apparu and drafting the letter for NYC leadership and the Pope


Happy New Year, Happy day of Imani everyone – may the next Gregorian year be filled with victory and success for the friends of humanity and lovers of Creator

Imani = Faith

Your World Embracing Vision: 2014

What is the best news, the greatest challenge, and your highest expression to the Most High for 2014?  Let it be world embracing 🙂

Four victories of 2013 to bring into 2014:

BookFace is dead to youth

Guardian story on the death of BF


1/2 of us regular mainstream news watchers turned off the boobtube

Newsbuster article detailing miraculous drop in CNN/MSN/FX viewers

previously unthinkable peace after 35 years of hostile relations could begin with the first commercial flights between the US and Iran

Guardian article on historic plan for Manhattan -> Tehran flights (*ahem.. yeah I do care about the environment! Solar flights 2024?)

Far from rosy eyed, there is plenty more to address, but this is definitely progress!  God willing, humanity will keep expanding frontiers of knowledge and strongholds of peace… For me, the biggest issues for us to really address

There is progress in those fronts too with coverage of the Redskins ban debate, and the slow, steady growth of the antifracking, renewable energy and organic farming efforts!  Also the illegal TPP trade scheme is looking less and less feasible!  Slow and steady!  These developments DON’T HAPPEN BY ACCIDENT, but by continuous fortitude of self sacrificing, unnamed, humble caretakers of humanity.. It’s not those of us blabring our heads off. Its the one’s who do the hard work, stay positive, and overcome the fear. As a former Occupier I hope that the streets stay clear of conflict, that our parks fill with picnics of dialogue and solution making… and we all find our Most High purpose/support and work together beyond this life, the seven generations, and are refreshed with the Breeze of Life from the Most Hidden of the hidden, and Manifest of the manifest.  With the following as my salute to the Gregorian 2014 – what would you say!!! What excites you about 2014, the progress of this year, and the challenges ahead, AND odes to Life… BUT FIRST – my most radical thought

Perhaps every bit of pain, we humanbeeeinz experience, is just a growth spurt.. from being little twerps to slowly mastering the art of peaceful, conscious, life creating… some day – even if wars break out – we’ll get out of the self inflicted doubt – and finally get out of the dark ages to breath life into every corner of the solar system, galaxy, nay universe, infinity 🙂