Waging Peace: BYOB… rly :/

4 Peeps Partying whilst Syria/North Korea/Egypt/Global Warming Wars on Humanity Increase

Let System of a Down Speak… I’m at Bard, which is an amazing community, but the drug culture looks more like a cult of ignorance and hypocrisy and woeful self destruction… especially on a day when Egyptian protesters are being shot at with live rounds.

Everybody’s going to the party have a real good time
Dancing in the desert blowing up the sunshine

If ya wana hear my lame a$$ ranting about the details lol take a look at this

Good Friday & Easter – Prayers for Sacrifices & Healing

The following are prayerful tributes to everyone. My favorites – please share your own.

Fore IdleNoMore and the First Nations who still endure 400+ years of genocidal/culturecide

For the First Nations of the Himalayas – the Tibetans

For Justin Bieber not being afraid to show the true heart of the United States

For all past sacrifice of LGBT rights, freedom of religion, equality of race, gender – we are all equal in the eye of the Creator

For the Baha’i’s of Iran whom still endure 150 years of genocidal persecution

For the future generations whom bear the sacrifice of our shortcomings