Waging Peace: Militarized Police and Sabotage

I do look like crap, so pardon that, bed bug attack :/

Here’s the scoop though and Occupy the NRA looks a little scary with this kind of home video of constitutional atrocities coming out… but learning lots on the ground, very important issues coming down… reclaiming responsibility is the only way to balance it all out.  Political systems hardly functioning, internet communication and Local Bill of Rights implementation… only solution I know… beyond us all letting go of the ego.. inertia of ignorance though is something not to discount. This picture illustrates what kind of machine the truth must penetrate as well… Screenshot at 2013-04-23 14:01:41

This Slate article illustrates what kind of ignorance and cowardice the truth must dissolve. It argues that such searches are “constitutional” under the claim that they are “consensual”.

My response: how on God’s green earth can anything be consensual at gun point?!  Making such an argument is as bad as “blame the victim” logic for rape.

Lord, how are American’s defending militarized police?!  I have to pray to God for calm and compassion when I hear arguments from turd brains like the Slate writer.  Or I should say damn cowards. Cowards who dishonour the blood sacrifice given to be liberate the Colonies from the Crown. Ignorant fools that do not understand the fragility of this formation of a constitutional government as One Nation under God, not man!

I feel, the only legal restitution lies in Americans and friends of Rule by Law, not weapon, reclaiming their God given rights, and going on the offensive through things like the Local Bill of Rights and Responsibilities.  Lord give us strength to wage peace with the swords of courageous wisdom and veracious speech, may Your protection be our armour, and Your love our succour

3.13.13 – The End of The World…. of Open-Source Innovation…. as we know it?

March 13, 2013 is the date that US patent law will fall out of the hands of enterprising and publicly minded inventors to the claws of thieving, profit maximizing, corpserations.  The following videos and links describe the impact of an ironically named “America Invents Act”, brought to us all by Senator Smith – the man who gave birth to stillborn monster called SOPA.  The act ironically changes the US patent system from “first to invent” to “first to file”… so the “America Files Act” might be more appropriate description.  This post is under construction as the “AIA” legislation is complex, the time frame for inventors and opensourcers to respond is short, and the point of this is to spark ideas and participation in what’s becoming an ecosystem of empowering and open documents of the budding Reclaim movement (you may have heard about it but our web servers keep getting hacked).  ENJOY and please share your input, we don’t have much time.

The following videos are a brief and casual dialogue about a “People’s Patent Process” as an antidote to Mr Smith’s assault on innovation and empowerment.

The following links can give the layreader more than enough information to understand the details of the “America Invents Act”: Halling’sBlog, IPWatch, Emerging Strategies.

Please visit www.PeoplesPatentProcess.org or www.thePPP.us to help, or contact me on this blog or on Bookface, or reach us at www.FreeNetworkFoundation.org or www.theFNF.org