Waging Peace: An Open and Half Assed Letter to President Obama

“Dear Mr President,

I am in town and wish to extend my good will, respect, an loyalty to you – in as much as it does not cross the bounds of the Constitution and as much as I recognize deadly forces of the world are pressuring you to cross such lines.  I pray for your safety, I am very disturbed at the AP hack, you have my prayers of protection and others across the world.

I am in town running around with my crazy hat and a grey Occupy teeshirt with a heart symbol on it.  I am running to the anti-Drone rally right now.  One of our speakers at the Occupy the NRA rally on Thursday died suddenly… My last messages to you should be clear —- My computer is back in line.  I am going to print out the message and deliver it after I run to this Drone Rally to spread the word… We must find a balance between Citizen Responsibility and State Protection of our rights.  It’s all out of wack right now and I understand you are doing your job to weigh extremely tough decisions.  

You are not alone. This subject of gun control will make or break our nation… and I believe it is interconnected with so many other deep seeded psychological and spiritual maladies that will take years to address. May we not spiral out of control and lose the opporunity.

This document shall provide a great weight to reclaim balance from the grass roots up, inasmuchas we work together.  The Institutions, Communties, and Individuals of the world must embrace during this final convusion to maturity.  I have faith that your maturity, intellect, skill, and international mindedness has made our world more safe.  Please take a look at it.  We must help eachother to be all that we can be, not only as citizens who love our great nation, but the whole world, and our human family.  We are one.

With great respect and prayers for your guidance, courage, and forsight to the infinite generations to come that will look upon this presidency, may you be encouraged to exercise the full streingth of the virtues God has endowed you with, to see past this single term, to see the children, women, and men of the future and honor their wishes, to make them proud.  We can together. God bless this great nation and have mercy on us all.  We submit to Thy Will that verily embraceth all things, we are but thy servants… Kings, Queens, Presidents, bankers, citizens, indigenous, kids alike… the future generations will look to us as beacons of peace. And honor thouse who sacrifice for the Most Great Peace – Ted”  — Response Requested

Waging Peace Update: 3 Major Issues for Bahá’ís

I’m not interested in censorship of faith, I speak from the Baha’i tradition here, mostly to a mostly Bahá’í audience/any group of faith.  It is a great honor to serve the First Nation’s community and I implore fellow Bahá’ís to draw inspiration from the Universal House of Justice letter.

Humanity has only begun to scratch the surface of it’s divine bounty/power/capacity/strength. Baha’i or non-Baha’i, we have no idea how we fit into the intricate warp and woof of the Creator’s unfoldment… but to reference The Hidden Words, revealed by Fatima but concealed until this dispensation for ears that could endure it’s truth.

O SON OF MAN! I loved thy creation, hence I created thee. Wherefore, do thou love Me, that I may name thy name and fill thy soul with the spirit of life.

How mysterious that God would love our creation?  `Abdu’l-Bahá says somewhere that we are gifted to be co-creators with God, not equals in any way, but we have a hand in the future unfoldment of reality.  Let us not be afraid of this power, or disunified… as the Iroquois told to founding revoutionaries of the US – “You will accomplish nothing if you are not united”… and The Blessed Beauty said “So powerful is the light of unity that it can illuminate the whole earth.”

So let us honor the gift of the First Nations of the US, and support the Lakota Grandmother’s for valiantly standing up to the greatest threat to humanity right now, the petrolium industry, by resigning a 150 year old international treaty to protect the sacred lands that the Key XL Pipeline threatens to destroy in multiple ways….


Here’s the bookface event

It might not be a coincidence that it is also the 150 year anniversary of Bahá’u’lláh’s birth, blessing this whole world again with new spiritual energies that are moving the Old and replacing it with living New realities.

Astrid vs. Remember The Milk: The Great Transition to Taskwarrior

So Astrid wins… why? Cuz it’s open source and has a wordpress plugin.  Eat it Remember The Milk.  I love you guys, but open source your stuff and you’ll have a userbase that isn’t just grandmas and computer illiterate consumers… tried to contact ya’ll and ya’ll talk about open source, but have yet to embody it at all. Gotta give u a hard time 😛

If ya’ll integrate with Taskwarrior that’ll be divine, cuz that’s what we’re working on for the Public Servant jive, for open movement beehive dynamics can endure the crash of the Titanic on our mighty shore.

Any JS people please chime in.  Taskwarrior integration with the Meteor Nation is something not to have patience waitin for. We’re building it faster than Stephen Shore can shoot a 5×4


Scripture on Love

…How mysterious the Fire which Thou hast enkindled within my heart! My very limbs testify to the intensity of its heat, and evince the consuming power of its flame. Should my bodily tongue ever attempt to describe Thee as the One Whose strength hath ever excelled the strength of the most mighty amongst men, the tongue of my heart would address me, saying: “These are but words which can only be adequate to such things as are of the same likeness and nature as themselves. But He, of a truth, is infinitely exalted above the mention of all His creatures.” The power of Thy might beareth me witness, O my Well-Beloved! Every limb of my body, methinks, is endowed with a tongue that glorifieth Thee and magnifieth Thy name. Armed with the power of Thy love, the hatred which moveth them that are against Thee can never alarm me; and with Thy praise on my lips, the rulings of Thy decree can in no wise fill me with sorrow. Fortify, therefore, Thy love within my breast…

CXXVII: Prayers and Meditations by Bahá’u’llá

Good Friday & Easter – Prayers for Sacrifices & Healing

The following are prayerful tributes to everyone. My favorites – please share your own.

Fore IdleNoMore and the First Nations who still endure 400+ years of genocidal/culturecide

For the First Nations of the Himalayas – the Tibetans

For Justin Bieber not being afraid to show the true heart of the United States

For all past sacrifice of LGBT rights, freedom of religion, equality of race, gender – we are all equal in the eye of the Creator

For the Baha’i’s of Iran whom still endure 150 years of genocidal persecution

For the future generations whom bear the sacrifice of our shortcomings

We Are Awake: Call to Coherence

This is for all trusted friends – be yee in Botswana or down the street – the community is awake – let us embrace each other – take steps and find coherence to meet the test of the time.  Before the old paradigm clouds the skies with bullet ridden drone flyin 😛  Or zombi apocaliptic grime… or too much CO2 for us to breath too 🙂 

The Avatar “i see u” is sooo tru  😛   lovein ya’ll – we got this

Down to proclaim your awake state, dedicated to support, or build along side – we are the hive.  BEEEEEEEE

Marriage Equality? How bout Separation of Church and State

Lovely fellow global public servants,

Top of the morning and quite a day in DC, good friends are out for equal rights of our brothers and sisters of differing sexual persuasion, orientation, it is a good day for those with compassion for LGBTQ friends – but who needs labels ne way.

I was partially raised by a gay godfather, DJ, back in New Mexico, a plains Indian godfather as well.  Both of these I am proud of. Without him I would have been a spoiled little brat, I remember him slaping me once as a 6 year old, something my parents would never do, and telling me to “quit your winin!”  He always made people laugh their asses off, and would tickle me to death with “THU CLAW” … something every kid knows is a hillarious and scary ass game, but with DJ it was delightfully worse in both ways because he had once shot off his middle finger while hunting birds back in NM, and he had a totally haphazard surgury that left him with this absurdly ugly hand.  He had a sense of humor that lit up God’s kingdom.

When I was 13, I will never forget the moment when my Mom picked me up with the news, DJ had been murdured.  Brutally.  He was stabbed 50+ times with a shank in his own back yard, by a man I saw once in a court room.. it was a “hate crime.”

In honor of DJ I commend the friends out there today, who our out in compassion, and have a little bit of fact to share today.  It says nowhere in the US Constitution that the Federal government has any right to say who and who cannot get married.

Separation of Church and State, or FREEDOM OF RELIGION.  How bout – yo Fed get the hell out of my God blessed church!  And yo!  I’m an American, I don’t got no damn right in hell to tell someone else how to run their church, unless it’s impeding on my responsibility to run my own.

Last brutal thoughts – I love my brothers and sisters fighting for equality.  In my faith we respect freedom of worship.  There’s no Baha’i marriage of gay people, but that doesn’t mean someone cannot have their own marriage with their own church, in fact that is their right by God.  So keep it up! Equality is paramount and our world has had issues, violent issues with our relationship to sex, LGBT, and love period.

I personally believe this issue, though important, to be completely driven by special interests to divide people by lines of MISSCOMMUNICATION. If we were real about marriage equality we’d just enforce separation of Church and State… since that’s out of the dialogue I see and we’re still pandoring to the State for shtuuuuf they have no jurisdiction to give us or have, I am doubly oponionated that this effort is not complete… and possibly not timely.

1/3 American children are on food stamps. We have an impending economic crash, every day 200 species go extinct, and we’re looking at 10,000,000 of environmental refugees within the forseable future. There’s a war in Syria brewing with global players already involved, Iranian Guardsman and Russians troops and US money.

I realllly hate to say it but can we prioritize? I can’t stand the videos of young men in Syria suffocating from poisonous gas, to see young children shot up, bloodied, and to know 1/2 of all our food is thrown the hell away.  We as movement makers need to help steer the discourse.  Let’s do it responsibly, Separation of Church and State, solidarity to common efforts of equality, let’s love humankind as one family and do away with the man.

pros Jenna Pope!