Welcome to America: Land of the Indefinitely Detained, Home of the Criminal Elite

Just got out of a 40 hour jail sentence for splitting a NYC Metro turnstile fare and had to write this, especially in light of Obama’s latest fight to finally kill Habeas Corpus – the very reason for our country’s founding.  It’s my 6th time being incarcerated this year.  Having spent 11+ days total in jail, I’ve finally managed to digest some of the disgusting reality of America’s so called “justice” system. It almost doesn’t matter what Obama does with his freak monster NDAA Section 1030 creation. Weather he vetoes it to boost popularity or just goes for the jugular and let’s it pass, America already indefinitely detains its citizens. Not only that, an elite class of criminals are printing their own unlimited impunity passes through their private Federal Reserve (or what I like to call the Never Ending Roller Coaster for Market Stability).

It doesn’t matter if saving $1.25 is necessary for surviving this constructed economic crisis, or if the NYPD stole and destroyed everything you owned for peacefully assembling to fix said crisis… It doesn’t matter if the officer didn’t witness you sharing a fare. Or if you’ve defacto paid for infinite subway rides through local transportation taxes and inflated past fares that keep the average MTA annual salary above $100,000.  You’re going to jail.

This time around I was jailed as a regular Joe.  No Occupy friends to chant “WE ARE THE 99%” to pass time.  I only had meditations, prayers, and words to share with other inmates.  Our cell was filled beyond capacity with 40 of us crammed into a space like this.One man perched himself over the toilet stall. The floor was riddled with stale bread skins and leaking milk boxes. The stale stench of Central Bookings was covered for a short while by some kids who rolled a blunt just below the gaze of the single surveillance camera – or “eye in da sky” as we put it.

80% of us were Black, 10% of us were Hispanic, almost no white people.  A quarter of us were arrested for Metro jumping or something like that.  Another quarter were arrested for no reason at all, basically racial profiling (one of my friends was arrested for going to a public bathroom and having an old warrant … he’s still in jail).  Another quarter were arrested for carrying personal bags of weed, which is not an arrestable offence in NYC.  One man I spoke with was in the jail for over three days for idling his car on his way to work.  He had an old warrant for an open container in 2006.  Many inmates were clearly entrapped with undercover drug deals…  Besides the remaining drug addicts, chronically homeless and one single disgusting rapist, only four teenage kids actually did commit a real crime by stealing a few laptops and some electronics.

“You Occupy guys don’t get it.  The police have been beating people forever.  That’s what they do.  Now you finally know what they’re really like.”  My friend who was stopped for going to a public bathroom told me the story of his brother – one that is infamous throughout Brooklyn.  A gang of police publicly bludgeoned him 15 feet outside his house for refusing to be unlawfully searched.  During the long beating they tazed him for 3 minutes straight.  His face was unrecognizable by the end and the cops shot and killed two of his dogs in the process.  One of the dog attacked the cops trying save his owner, the other broke through its fence to do the same.

I felt waves of almost unbearable frustration throughout the 40 hour jail stay.  Most of the other men let their frustration out. We felt gutted and abused. Arbitrarily shipped from one crap hole to another.  The moving just gave police an excuse to scream at us and act tough.  Which was hard to stomach knowing that most half of us were ten times the men of the most crewel cops.  I asked everyone in my cell if these bull shit sentences and jailing were getting worse. Yes, they said.  The whole thing is getting worse.  The cops find or create a weak spot on your record.  Something lame like idling your car, having an open container, and then crack you open spending all their energy cleaving through your life. Milking you, your family and friends to meet a quota.  It’s not about justice, or protecting anyone.  It’s about money and abusing authority.  And in that equation, you’re going to jail for as long as the system wants.  In my case, I could face 1 year in Rikers if caught doing anything from exercising my first amendment in a manner that the NYPD doesn’t like, to going to a public bathroom at the wrong time.

That is unless you’re one of the criminal elites. You can completely skip the jail house circus of hell, probably because you made it.  News flash: the latest bail out is now totaled at $29,000,000,000,000.  Far from $1.25.  But has a single person served time?  That’s double our national annual productivity.  That’s our annual education funding thirty times over. The only man to serve any time for anything related the Global Financial Crisis is Bernard Madoff. He now lives at Butner Federal Correction Complex or the “Crown Jewl” of the Federal Prison System. He defrauded his clients some $65,000,000,000.  This country club “prison” that doesn’t serve its inmates cardboard sandwiches for lunch. No it provides the geriatric inmates cancer treatment programs.  Perhaps us non-billionaires should up our law breaking from turnstile-sharing to destroying the global economy.  Then we might actually get the medical care we’re most likely jumping turnstiles to afford.

The most troubling part of my latest NYC jail experience had nothing to do with these statistics and facts.  It involved watching those four kids charged with grand larceny get completely screwed by the judge. Three of the teenage boys were sent to Rikers. One of them was asked to post $15,000 bail for a freaking misdemeanor. The last one remaining stood next to me watching his two brothers and friend being hauled off to the island prison so infamous for adolescent abuse. With tears filling his eyes he yelled “I’ll get you guys out! I promise!”.  It choked me up, watching him frantically call out to his remaining family being carted off – beating the jail bars as the cops sat filing papers. His mother died that year.  His brothers and friend were caught. Surviving this broken global machine that runs off the poor’s blood, by putting their hands in it’s cogs.  Putting my hand to my heart as he calmed himself I and nodded to him and let him know, he is the reason I am fighting Wall Street.

Split a Metro fair to save $1.25 and spend 40 hours in jail.  The other person who helps split it will be fined 100$ on top of that.  It doesn’t matter if they can’t even afford books for school.  Finish the 40 hours, get to be sent to Rikers for a year if you commit ANY CRIME in the eyes of the police. The following are crimes in their eyes: fighting for your country, peacefully assembling, standing in the sidewalk, going to a public bathroom, not having a state ID, or being Black.  But if you rape our country of $29,000,000,000,000? The cops will beat the living fuck out of people FOR YOU.

Welcome to America – Land of the Indefinitely Detained, Home of the Criminal Elite… Occupy Forever, Occupy Everywhere until we revive our her spirit and dream… And until these sons of bitches rot in Rikers we will not find real change.  Perhaps then, the NYPD might overcome the bad rap of being Banker cronies and community terrorists.  Perhaps then, the NYPD can reclaim the heroism as displayed during 9-11. Perhaps then, the NYPD can look themselves in the mirror and say they are arresting criminals.  Every single officer I’ve asked tells me they dream about throwing bankers into Rikers.  What’s keeping the American Dream from becoming a reality?

True Patriotism, in the Planetary Age

This writing is for all, and Obama.  It’s baser motivation is to explain why I do not support Obama.  It’s greater motivation is to set a new standard for him and all public servants. I still think him a good man. I still have some small glimmer of hope he may change his ways. But I think him a coward. He has been compared to Lincoln, without having a shred of kind courage.  He was a popular president… who could have started an unstoppable effort to actually save our country.  Now he finds himself trailing millions of citizens who have taken the fight for liberty to the streets – men and women who have given up everything to save their country.  The most powerful man America, should not be one of the last to make such sacrifice…. he has made none of significance as far as I can tell.  Possibly this is out of some rational long term strategy, but that’s not what a leader does.  A leader inspires and forges new territory… Beurocrats plan long term rational strategy.  Please read this speech of Lincoln, and ask yourself if who today measures up to such a standard… They are the Transcendent Fathers and Mothers of our country.  They are the Guardians of Mother Earth

The following is Lincoln’s speech on Dec. 26, 1839 to the bankers who were swindling our young country. If Obama could find such a voice and courage in himself, I may find some faith in him… If Obama made such a public oath, as I will when I return from my recruitment trip from Bard back to Liberty Square, I will support him fully. I will protect him as a president… because all who have tread this path – elected, running, or leading successfully – have been either murdered or systematically cut out from our reality.

“[A debate opponent] confidently predicts, that every State in the Union will vote for Mr. Van Buren at the next Presidential election. Address that argument to cowards and to knaves; with the free and the brave it will effect nothing. It may be true; if it must, let it. Many free countries have lost their liberty; and ours may lose hers; but if she shall, be it my proudest plume, not that I was the last to desert, but that I never deserted her. I know that the great volcano at Washington, aroused and directed by the evil spirit that reigns there, belching forth the lava of political corruption, in a current broad and deep, which is sweeping with frightful velocity over the whole length and breadth of the land, bidding fair to leave no green spot or living thing, while on its bosom are riding like demons on the waves of Hell, the imps of that evil spirit, and fiendishly taunting all those who dare resist its destroying course, with the hopelessness of their effort; and knowing this, I cannot deny that all may be swept away. Broken by it, I, too, may be; bow to it I never will.

“The probability that we may fall in the struggle ought not to deter us from the support of a cause we believe to be just; it shall not deter me. If ever I feel the soul within me elevate and expand to those dimensions not wholly unworthy of its Almighty Architect, it is when I contemplate the cause of my country, deserted by all the world beside, and I standing up boldly and alone and hurling defiance at her victorious oppressors. Here, without contemplating consequences, before High heaven, and in the face of the world, I swear eternal fidelity to the just cause, as I deem it, of the land of my life, my liberty and my love. And who, that thinks with me, will not fearlessly adopt the oath I take. Let none falter, who thinks he is right, and we may succeed. But, if after all, we shall fail, be it so. We still shall have the proud consolation of saying to our consciences, and to the departed shade of our country’s freedom, that the cause approved of our judgment, and adored of our hearts, in disaster, in chains, in torture, in death, we never faltered in defending.”

I personally took such an oath ages ago.  It is a kind of oath beyond words.  My oath expands beyond our dear country to Mother Earth and to God.  Such sane, brave patriotism only strengthens when it expands to all humanity and the Creator of humanity.  I uphold all our public servants to such a standard… and aim to let those who do not, decay under the old, evil apparatus, that is destined to fall, which bears wounds from our bravest of founding fathers who fought without hesitation to the end.  We are all public servants, and we can all rise to such a standard of excellence.  Lincoln is not the first public servant to take such an oath, and I will not be the last.  Our country has a great history of committment to good, often overlooked.

I ask President Obama take such oath with God as a witness.  That he share some unique variation, to inspire and solidify in him a noble commitment to our country, humanity, Earth and God that all can be in awe of.  That he come down to the Occupations, and show true courage.  That he rise to the time, take his rightful place in history, as a fighter for liberty, as a Transcendent Father of our country, along side the Transcendent Fathers and Mothers of Liberty Plaza, Oakland, DC.  That he take his rightful place in history as a fighter for humanity, as a Guardian of Mother Earth, along side those of us in Liberty Plaza, Oakland, DC, Tahrir, Madrid, Honduras, Bolivia, Colombia etc.

I ask you to do the same.  And I urge you to recognize.  That those who stand in our way, who thwart our efforts, will go down in history eternally as cowards.  That this time is ripe, and grave.  That there is something much larger than any one of us, that we must humble ourselves to work for.  The idle imaginings and distractions that keep us from rising, standing for our country and for our dying planet, are our own.  I do not ask for all to take to the streets, but I ask that they turn off whatever keeps them asleep, stagnant.  That they activate themselves for a greater cause, in whatever capacity pleases them the most… dare I ask that they activate themselves for the greatest cause, to unite humanity in this global effort to save life and create harmony.  That in such a role, one’s work is literally an act of worship for life and this precious existence.  That they will find no better Occupation than that.  Such a role comes from a spiritual awareness and grows from there.  In such a time, such a spiritual laziness is akin to the worst atrocity a humankind is capable of.  Because such laxity enables the worst human atrocities.

Activate to enable the greatest human potentials.  Join us.  Join the human family.  You are not alone.  We are not alone.  We are all doing this together.  The greatest work any human has ever been gifted by God.

Allahu-abha, Blessings, Amen


So all my shtuff’s been stolen, wallet, backpack, powerbook, ipad. erything. .. . but I’ll keep going. Just wrote this short flo in the last few minutes to express that. It’ll change probably and is likely to be full of spelling screwups. I hope you enjoy it 🙂

Nascent days of the Occupation
rebuilding the city on a hill nation
King of the hill patience
I’ll never have my fill,
non complacent
Aint no replacin
the soul of humanity’s wakin
With techntonic quakin
Billionare CEO confidence breakin
Police state flankin
Toxic stocks tankin
Revolutionary still goin with bloodshot eyes bakin

Even with all my lyrics stolen
I keep floin
Bhuddist non attachment keeps it goin
my flows keep comin
like a spring
As loud as an Arab sings
while overthroin crookid kings
Center holdin the movement with Pitanko rings
Keeping the balance like a guido Spring flings

I dream everything
but I never dreamed this
Every day’s reminiscent of moments of Ayahuasca bliss
Like my mind’s finally been kissed
With the grace of God I’ll be strong as his fist
Crushing the castles of greed while creating the new RSS feed                                                           that spread the vibrations of truth for which our saviors bleed

The kind that we pray for on our knees
That’s the creed
Everything else, we don’t need
Everything else, is nothing
And like all of our ancestors before… we are building something                                                        fitting of the heaven we are destined to breath, breed, and feed into existence

Like the kinding of the first fire
Fear is just resistance
to an unstopable change                                                                                                                  Liberty Square is the nexus of that’s always strange evolution                                                              From passion into active revolution                                                                                                               Got problems with the world? Well join us and be the solution

Otherwise suffer being achrived as the mental/spiritual pollution                                                    we are cleaning from Mother Earth                                                                                                                                 Prove what you’re worth…                                                                                                         Which is infinitely more powerful than the star dust dirt                                                               That makes our conscious spirit flirt                                                                                      between stages of birth death and rest

It’s all a test anyway
So pass it in flying red white and blue colors today
Get off your ass and chant
the songs which destroy the thought he, she, we us can’t
Because we can, and we are
The question is if you can see that far