September 2011 – A Month For Humanity to Rise

Here’s an unfinished song to keep ya goin

This month there are big plans.  In some two weeks, Adbusters, Annonymous, and the willing will decend upon Wall Street.  The day before I’ll be speaking at PyGotham (NYC’s Open Source Mecca event).  I’m making plans with some very good people to cultivate a positive, and innovative focus for the historic event.  If you would like to get involved, please don’t hesitate.  There’s plenty to be done, and if people are willing, I can begin sharing projects on the blog 🙂

For example: I’ll be building up a portable streaming station for the event.  Screw using that last bit of dough in TD bank for food…. Dumpster diving will always be there… The world needs a live feed into Occupy Wall Street

Click the photo to find out more

Click the photo to find out more

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