Occupy The Conference Call

So here’s why I’m not updating too often.  Right now, as usual, I’m sitting in a room with freaking incredible people… making history at Occupy Wall Street.

We have 90 People’s Assemblies from all over the United States ON THE SAME CONFERENCE CALL!!!!! We’re having the first ever break out GA work event.  Utter insanity.  It looks like this, but more diverse, more second hand clothes, and a smartphone.

Posting this inbetween listening to the break out report backs.  Making plans to create our own internet – TheFNF.org – coordinating national actions, and cracking the occasional joke because this is so freagin awesome.

Much love!!! 90 People’s Assemblies working as one highly distributed swarm of freaking unstopable positive change.  Spring is going to be nuts.

Over and out

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