Debriefing: Txt Msg from J Morgan

This is a text message from an old mentor, friend, and basically step dad from a best friend, J P Morgan (unrelated to the company).  He’s brilliant, he does pro-bono law for abused kids, and is a hard core atheist.  I love him to deth.  Below you’ll find a video of him talking about how men are treated like crap in western culture.

“U might consider readings in modern US Constitutional law. Reading up on the history of human rights would probably be very valuable to you. I’ve read a couple texts on the later. Both were good but flawed by placing too little emphasis on European developments. PC nonsense permeates the field among academia. However inconvenient the facts, modern human rights is largely a Western phenomena. Even despite the PC obfuscation, the framing and core concepts, indeed the very preoccupation with human rights, is Western. Something to mull over: Protestantism and Western liberal ideologies were born in opposition to human rights violations. Eastern faiths, like Buddhism, have traditionally sought liberation through acceptance of dharma and meditation.”

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