Scottish Independence – Reflections from a “Face of Occupy” – Edward T Hall III (Ted)

This piece offers no easy takeaway, just woven words to expand the dialogue beyond a divisive YES vs NO oversimplification in an increasingly complex and afflicted world.

Scottish Independence started 227 years ago, and it’s far from finished, far from just, far from free, far from creating the peace we all pray for.  If anyone people could genuinely motion for independence, it could not be done with a split of the mind, but of a resounding acceptance by the world… and I believe only Native Americans could/should/ARE justifiably rallying such global solidarity… Native Americans who are the victims of the European anarchy exported to this continent along with the beautiful cultural fusion, science, and religious freedom. As an American, of deep Scottish heritage, from every Tartan imaginable, with ancestry traceable to the clans of the King of Scot’s, I feel it my duty to raise my voice and say that on this topic of a #postoccupy shift, that it is not just Americans who benefit from the continued genocide of Native peoples and any who consider independence should remember:

decolonization begins in America, is not political, but spiritual, and it is the duty of all European Nations to work with their orphaned brothers and sisters of the United States, a Nation of downtrodden, unwanted, and enterprising souls, to work with them to decolonize their own minds and country, support the surviving Native Nations in avoiding extinction, and to exorcize the phantom of war from America’s soul… the horror of wielding the most grotesque of military weaponry with a collective mind cleft asunder by partisan politics, a body with unprecedented corruption coursing through it’s veins, and a heart stained by the worst disease of racism.

All civilized Nations today, those who will be immortalized by the memory of all our descendants, and favoured by God, will be those that arise for the triumph of peace… This requires a world embracing vision, not a prison of Nationalism.  As one of the many founders of Occupy, as a fellow conceived in Scotland, as an American descendant of 21 Declaration Signers (all Scotsmen), and as a Bahá’í…I can only warn the beloved people of Scotland to “avoid politics like the plague” “cleave unto peace” and reflect upon that which will heal the planet which should be regarded as the body of the human family. Yes… the Crown threatens to frack the Commonwealth without limit… but without the Scots, who don’t want fracking, who will stop her?  Yes we all want to reap the benefits of domestic oil, but look at what this mentality is doing to America’s water and health? Does this not fly in the face of the message of the self sacrificing Native decolonizers who are risking their lives to stop the petrolium carnage in their stolen territories? Territories stolen primarily from refugee Scotsmen?

We are one people living in a moment when the following 150 year old statement, or revelation by Bahá’í standards, rings more true than ever

“At present no day passeth without the fire of a fresh tyranny blazing fiercely, or the sword of a new aggression being unsheathed. Gracious God! The great and the noble in Persia glory in acts of such savagery that one is lost in amazement at the tales thereof.”

I feel it is important that those of us of Scotland not fall into this same story, as the United States, the young Nation born of Scottish minds of the Enlightenment, who we’re inspired by germ conceived by Muhammadan pioneering universal mathematics that took hold in West… can we think of another movement for independence while this first attempt, that is United States, is yet to be completed, and has left nothing but carnage in it’s wake, is drone striking 74+ countries right now, has nothing to show for its two most recent wars built upon deceit in the Middle East except having given birth to another more ugly monster ISIL, and stands as the primary perpetrator of global warming?

The only question any nation should be asking is how it will bring peace to this world, and my beloved friends and family of Scotland, I am afraid we are the ones who must stop.  Stop and begin to reflect upon how we can act in a good way, and I don’t think this can be done by votes… but resolving to end the reactionary, insular, immature politics that has already lead to such ruin and with our prayers, thoughts, words, actions, resolve engaged to the utmost, we must manifest in every family, community and town, the unified action to stop this war machine that now threatens to consume the planet.

May we become the exponents of peace, may we strive at all times to raise up the nobility of man, and avoid the snare of politics, nor be limited by Nationalism.


Those who love the world, when looking to decolonize, will look first to the most oppressed victims of it, the Natives of Americans, who have survived the boot of white pride.  May Scotland help manifest the interdependence needed today.  My prayers to them all, no matter what the vote turns out to be.  Either a United Kingdom or Independent Scotland will do the work, but the vote will be forgotten in the glory of those who surrender the vain sovereignty of titles for the immortal glory of peacekeeping at this critical hour.

– ted aka (White Buffalo of the Lakota Nation, Karma Kuhnken Jugne of the Tibetan Nation, Shaggy of the 6 Nations)

PS. Wake up, we are one, time to stop acting like children and have some serious fun getting serious stuff done – props to Russell Brand, we’re probably related… cuz our ancestors inbred like Pharoic rabitz n couldn’t find no place to go but across a godforsaken ocean, over n out

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